6 things you must know about creating a seating chart!

The number one hardest part of planning my wedding was creating the guest list...I am sure 99% of you agree! And the second most difficult part of planning was creating the seating chart!

It's funny that both include guests. We want to please everyone and we want everyone to have a good time, but there are some definites that will surely create a bit of uncomfortability among guests due to the placement of their seats. And so, we've come up with the top tips for creating your wedding seating chart!


1. Place the older crowd away from the speakers.

Wedding after wedding, I have a grandparent come up to me and ask to move tables. Why? Because they always seem to get the unlucky spot of right next to the DJ's speakers. Some DJ's have a couple speakers at the front and some venues have a built-in sound system. In either case, make sure yo ask your vendors where each of the speakers will be placed, so you can place the older guests further away from them!


2. Exes should be placed a table apart.

Rachel Soloman Photography

Rachel Soloman Photography

Parents get divorced and friends date each other and break up, and if there is a bad break up among your guests, then you definitely will want to split them up. Not because they will create a scene, but because you want them to enjoy the evening as well! And it's no fun to have to sit awkwardly next to the man you used to love, right?? So do them a favor, and sit them at least a table away from each other.

3. Babies in the back.

Young children and babies will often get fussy. And if you have a videographer present or just don't want a crying baby in the background of that amazing wedding highlight video, then make sure you are giving their parents a quick exit plan! When their baby begins crying hysterically, they want to make a quick exit as much as you want them to. So do them a favor and make their trek outside short and sweet!

4. Families comes first!

This is one that I think all of you already know, but typically you'll want your closest family placed near your sweetheart table! They are the ones who will want to be snapping photos of your first dance and will want to share all of the precious moments with you throughout the evening. Because believe it or not, those drinking friends probably didn't even know that a first dance happened! So give the ones who are closest to you, the gift of being close to you on your wedding day too!

5. You don't have to make every table the same!

You can have 8 guests at some tables, 9 at others, and 10 at a few too! They don't all have to be identical! Because let's be real, it would take a lot of hours and a whole lot of math to perfectly place 10 tables of 8, while keeping friends and families who know each other together! So make it easier on yourself and mix and match the number of seats per table!

6. If you're thinking of no seating chart, DON'T DO IT.

You don't have to assign exact seats, but please assign tables. Because what happens if the last family to show up is a family of 5? More than likely, they will not get to sit together, or will have to play a game of musical chairs in the middle of dinner. And that's just makes them feel uncomfortable!

Or what if the last two seats in the room are at one table, and the last two people to show up just broke up last week? Not fun for anyone!

So do your guests a favor, and assign them tables so that everyone can enjoy their evening just as you want them to!