Plyo-Magic! Adding Some Upper Body to Your Plyo Routine (Part 2)

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

Although we refer to plyometrics as "jump-training," we can still get in a decent core and upper body workout using a Plyometric routine. Here are a few more examples of Plyometric exercises you can add to last week's routine to get a more thorough workout:


Chop Squats

Of course when we see the word "squat" we think of our legs. But this type of squat done correctly can really work on upper body and our midsection as well.

Start off with your feet together and your arms straight up in the air holding a weight (start off light and work your way up to a heavier weight. I usually start with a 5 pound weight). Keeping your back straight and your belly button in, slightly jump in the air spreading your feet apart and coming down into a deep squat while taking the weight and chopping it down as if it were an axe.  At this point you should be in a wide stance and low to the floor. Immediately jump back up into your starting position what your feet together and your weight up in the air.  Try doing this in repetitions of 10. Your legs and arms will be on fire!

chop squat workout routine for brides


Trunk Twists

Trunk twists are a great abdominal exercise to work your obliques.  It's also a fun exercise to do with your workout partner.

Standing back to back, twist your torso to the right and hand off the medicine ball to your partner. Then turn to your left, taking the medicine ball back from your partner. Do 20 repetitions clockwise and 20 repetitions counterclockwise.  Remember to pop your chest out slightly to keep your back straight and your belly button in. If you don't have a partner to work with you can simply step 2 inches away from a wall (or if you're at the park use a tree) and twist back-and-forth tapping the ball to the wall. You'll be working your same muscles with the same weight in hand, only by yourself.

trunk twists workout routine for brides


Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are like Burpees.  They are something we remember from gym class and aren't always thrilled to do.  However, mountain climbers are great at working your upper body as well as your abdominals, your quads and your calves. 

Starting out in a plank position, bring your knee towards your chest using a twisting motion, then bring your foot back down it's a starting position. Alternate legs at a fast pace. Start by doing 10 repetitions each leg and work your way up.   I always consider this an upper body workout as well considering you are holding your body weight with your arms and your core as well as your legs.

mountain climbers workout routine for brides

So there you have it. Now you know enough exercises to make an easy plyometric routine that can be done as often as you want. Not only do plyometrics burn calories, but remember they also are stretching your muscles, therefore toning them as well while you're performing these exercises.  This type of exercise routine I like to either do repetitions 10 to 15 each set, or I like to do three rounds of one minute per exercise.  Either way, you should always do these in a circuit--one set of each exercise and repeat.