Believe it or not, a wedding isn't about the spectacle. It isn't about how much money you spent to create a beautiful evening, about hiring one of the best photographers in the nation in hopes of at least one of your photos going viral, and it isn't about getting published in a top magazine or on a top wedding blog. Despite popular belief, a wedding isn't about any of that. 

The Amburgeys

The Amburgeys

Yes, I am a wedding blogger and wedding planner. I love weddings and I believe in weddings. I believe they are a wonderful time for your family and friends to come together for a fun evening of dinner, dancing and celebrating, because this may be one of the few times you can get everyone together all in one place. And this is a wonderful, beautiful day in your lives that should be shared and celebrated.  We are not celebrating a wedding, we are celebrating...

a Marriage.

The purpose of a wedding is to get married. There is no other purpose. If you weren't getting married, would you throw a big party? Maybe? But there would most likely be some occasion...a birthday, a new house, a baby...but in this case, the one and only purpose of your wedding is your marriage.

So in order to keep your wedding marriage-focused, I've come up with some of the top things to consider while planning for your big day:


1. Don't Pay on Credit

One of the top reasons for divorce is finances, so do yourself a favor and spend only what you can afford then and there, rather than starting your marriage off in debt.

2. Make decisions for the both of you.

Don't argue, bicker, or fight about the small stuff. Because that's all it is - small stuff. Focus on the large issues like what kind of ceremony you will have, what readings you want to be read, and the items that truly have meaning in your marriage. Favors, colors, and decor are NOT going to make a difference in your marriage 5 years from now. I promise.

3. Don't try to impress.

The more you focus your wedding on others and who you are going to impress - the internet, your friends, your family - the less your wedding will be focused on YOU. And your wedding is about the two of you and your marriage, not anyone else.

Keep your wedding marriage-focused, rather than wedding focused, and you will be off to a great start! If you believe in all of this and want to keep your wedding marriage-focused, post a photo of you and your future spouse and #IWedForMarriage.