The Overwhelmed Bride’s Wedding Day Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene Richardson


Hey there you beautiful bride!

wedding day wworkout

I’m so happy to be joining you each week as the new Overwhelmed Bride Health + Fitness blogger. My name is Jennifer Dene and I’m the founder of, where I live and breathe fitness, nutrition and stress-management advice for busy brides to be.

I have lots of fun things planned for you in the coming weeks and months, but thought there was no better way to start than with a workout. This isn’t just any old workout though, this is your wedding day routine!

You might be wondering why you need a specific routine on your wedding day — or perhaps you weren’t planning on working out at all — so before we train together let me explain the three reasons why you should not only exercise on the morning of your wedding, but why you should prioritize strength training.

1. Trim, Toned, Terrific

During strength training, extra blood is pumped directly to the muscles to supply them with oxygen and nutrients. This extra blood gives your muscles a lovely fullness, and is the best way to show off all the toning work that you have been doing. It also helps to contract the muscles, making you feel svelte and sexy as you walk down the aisle.

2. Low Impact + Targeted

To get the “pump” (the term used when muscles achieve that sense of fullness) in the right places we need to focus on what’s on display. Obviously the arms are a priority, but so is training the abdominals, as a strong core will keep your belly flat and encourage better posture throughout the day. While your legs may or may not be on display everyone feels better with a tight tooshie!

The moves are also low impact and shouldn’t place excess pressure on your back or joints. This workout should make you feel energized, not wiped out.

3. Calm Before The Storm

Keep in mind that you will have a lot of nervous energy on the morning of your wedding, but you’ll also be spending time sitting around getting ready. A quick workout is a great way to manage nerves and boost endorphins.

Let’s dive in to this workout, follow along with the video or see the written notes below. You can start practicing this sequence now, and use it everyday during that final week leading up to your big day.

Thanks for working out with me, see you next week!

Jennifer Dene XO

The Workout

Hello, World!

You need a set of heavy weights (8 — 15 pounds) and a yoga mat or towel.

Repeat 15 repetitions of each move, then repeat everything from the beginning one more time.

This workout will take you 15 — 20 minutes.

The Moves

Ballet Squat Jumps

Wide Pushups

Bicep Curls

Forearm Plank (slow count to 15)

Bridge Pumps (double legs)

Bridge Pumps (single leg left)

Bridge Pumps (single leg right)

Upper-Lower Abdominals

Full Weighted Sit Ups

Bent Over Rows

Post Workout

Rehydrate and take a few minutes to stretch your legs and rest in child’s pose position.