A Facebook Announcement is in Order

This is most exciting moment of your life. He is down on one knee, looking up at the woman who will one day become his wife. As the big question comes out of his mouth, and the response comes out of yours, all you can think about is posting a photo of your gorgeous rock on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


It may sound silly, but it's true! We want the whole world to know that we are engaged, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Personally, I think that is great that you want to show him off for everyone to see. Because he is now yours forever.

But before you dive on in with your #engaged and #Isaidyes's, remember that there are some very special people who may not be so excited to see that you are engaged...via Facebook....And those are the ones who raised you. And the ones who raised them.

Before you make a post (or a million posts) about the proposal, the ring, and your happiness, make sure you make a personal call to those who mean the most to you, those who got you to where you are today - your parents, your grandparents, your closest aunt, your best friend, your siblings.

Because there is nothing worse than your amazing mom finding out that her little girl is getting married via Twitter. Am I right or am I right?

No matter how excited you may be, I know you can hold off for just one more hour. Make those important calls together to the ones who are closest to you...starting from the most important. And make those calls quick! Because my guess is that after each call, an engagement congratulations is going to end up on Facebook about 30 seconds after hanging up the phone ;)

And once you have completed those calls, post, post, and post again to your heart's desire!