A Font to Flatter Your Vision

Written with love, by Kristi Charter

Invitations offer your guests their first taste of what your wedding will be like. The style, color, size and font of your invitations all work together to construct a vision your guests will have for your special day. Before you begin designing your invitations however you need to first have a clear theme in mind for your wedding. There are many themes that you can choose from but knowing which one you will be selecting for your wedding is crucial to the design of your invitations.


Even something as basic as the font can make a dramatic difference to the aesthetic of your invitation and can depict the theme of your wedding. The font you select is just as important as the wording itself! While selecting the right font out of thousands can seem pretty daunting especially when it is one of many decisions you have to make for your wedding, with a few handy tips you’ll have no trouble at all.

Test for success

When browsing through samples of invitations online, you need to keep in mind that while you may love a certain font as it appears on the sample invitation this can sometimes change once you input your own text. Even though it may seem perfect on the sample, the capital letters of yours and your partner’s names can look completely different to that of the names provided on the sample. So it is always best to test out your names and text in the font first, before committing to a certain style. A great tool for testing out your font is http://www.google.com/fonts

Simply enter your names or your chosen text in the preview section.

Multiple Fonts

If you decide to use more than one font on your invitation, make sure that they complement each other. If they are both loud and extremely different, the fonts will clash and can look a little messy. There is nothing worse than having font appearing as if they are competing for your attention. This doesn’t mean that multiple fonts never work because they can, you just need to ensure they blend seamlessly together on the page. The main font which will contain all of the important details should be neutral and easy to read allowing the secondary font, which will be better for names or titles, to shine. Two popular fonts that work well together are Mate SC Regular Caps and Pinyon Script. If you do decide on using contrasting fonts, as a general rule it is best to stick with a maximum of two.

True Reflection

When selecting your font, remember that it will reflect the tone of your wedding. So it is important to make sure your selection is a font that conveys the style of wedding you will be holding. If for instance you are hosting a casual garden wedding ceremony a font you might consider using could be Scriptina or if instead your celebration is the complete opposite, say a formal reception opt for a style similar to Andante.


Size Matters

The size of your font really does matter. Your font needs to be practical irrespective of how attractive it looks or that you’ve managed to squeeze all the information onto the one page, it needs to be readable. Simply put a small font size may not be convenient for some of your guests. If ordering your invitations online it is best to print out any proofs you are sent before approving the final layout, that way you can get a true feel for the size and weight/thickness of the font. 

If you’re still unsure, ask a friend or relative to have a look at your font to ensure it is the perfect choice before the printing and assembly process begins.

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