Friday is the New Saturday

We all know that Saturdays are the most popular day of the week to have a wedding. This may blow your mind but I'm going to tell you right now - we've been wrong the whole time! After years and years and years of weddings thinking that Saturday was the best day to hold a wedding, we had it all wrong!

Friday is undoubtedly the new Saturday. And I am going to tell you why!

Is Saturday really worth $5,000?

Not only is the price per person significantly higher on a Saturday, but there is a little thing called a minimum, which is actually going to affect your budget much  more than you thought!

For those of you who don't know what a minimum is, it is a dollar amount that a venue requires you to spend in order for you to hold your wedding on a certain day of the week - and they sometimes change based on the month. Even though the cost per person may be $50 and you are only inviting 100, you may not actually able to afford your wedding at this venue. If the minimum for that Saturday is $10,000, for example, your are going to have to spend at least $10,000 in order to book that date. And get this, that is $10,000 before tax and service charge.

Every venue has a higher minimum on Saturday than they do on a Friday and Sunday. So that's a quick way to save a couple thousand least!

Long weekend anyone?

I know you are all worried about your guests having to take off work for your wedding but believe me, the don't all! If your guest wants to be there, they will be there and will be ecstatic that you "required" them to take a day off of work. And the bonus is for those who are traveling from out of town - not only will they get Friday off of work, but they will be able to enjoy the entire weekend for a mini-vacation. A Saturday wedding totally ruins their chances of doing any exploring while there!

Who will remember anyhow?

If you're worried about what others are going to think, please get that out of your head RIGHT NOW. If you are trying to going through with planning your wedding while worrying about the opinions of others, then get that out of your head immediately or I can tell you now, you are going to have a pretty stressful time with planning.

So many brides think that they have to have a Saturday wedding because everyone will disapprove of a Friday or Sunday, but do actually think they are going to remember what day of the week it was held on even a couple of months from now? If you don't know the answer, it is no. Your guests won't even remember what they ate that night, let alone the fact that your wedding was on a Friday. Focus your time on making your wedding a night for everyone to remember, rather than worrying about what day of the week it is.

Less Guests = Lower Cost

We've gone over budget many times and I think by now, you all realize how much a single wedding guest affects your wedding cost. So is there really any harm in a guest not being able to come? I really am not trying to sound harsh but those who really want to be there, will find a way to be there. And if at the end of the day someone cannot make it to the wedding, at least you're saving some money, right? If you have done your due diligence and given advance notice, especially for those out of town guests, your guests will find a way to celebrate with you!

Do you see a difference?

If you're still not convinced, please take a look at the photos below. The left shows a wedding that was held on a Friday and the right shows the same wedding held on a Saturday.

Friday Wedding

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Saturday Wedding


I am not sure how long you've been examining the two columns but you may or may not have noticed that both are exactly the same. You're absolutely not going to find any differences between the Friday wedding and the Saturday wedding. Because no matter what day of the week it is on, you're still going to get married and you're still going to have the exact same vision!

**To be honest, they're literally the same photos, uploaded twice into this post. I didn't have two weddings just to illustrate my point...although that would have been a fun weekend!

If you want to spend more money, have more guests to pay for, make your guests travel from out of town and not be able to enjoy some time for vacationing and instead spend their only day at your wedding, and stay in work an extra day, then yes, you would absolutely love a Saturday wedding! And if you don't like a sound of that, I think you are quickly realizing that Friday is the new Saturday - we've had it wrong the entire time!