A Gift That Will Never Tarnish

Written with love, by Chris Whirlow

China patterns...towel sets...coffee makers... 

Since Bridal Registries began in 1924, these were the perennial items on every bride’s list.  Once set up to ensure a new couple received exactly what they needed to start their new life together, bridal registries eventually evolved into very loose "gift suggestions".  

Preferences for patterns, colors and brands are rarely adhered to. In a perfect world, these lists would prevent duplicate gifts (mine didn't). Today many couples live together before getting married, so they are already well stocked in basic household items.

Often times, couples that are planning a wedding may also simultaneously be purchasing a new home together. Between banquet halls and bridal gowns, moving expenses and settlement costs, some couples decide to forgo a honeymoon to keep expenses down. Once you put off your honeymoon, it's easier to keep putting it off (I know from experience). And when you start to think about expanding your family with children, chances are the next trip you take might be to Disney World. Now I love Disney World, but maybe you originally envisioned your honeymoon on a tropical beach.... and possibly with just the two of you!

So you may already have all the dishes, hand towels, toasters and coffee makers you need, but your loved ones still want to present a gift to you at an engagement party or bridal shower. On top of that, the expenses of your wedding and new home are making you think you should skip a honeymoon entirely!

A perfect solution to both of these dilemmas is a Honeymoon Registry. Honeymoon Registries let your loved ones make gifts toward your honeymoon expenses by selecting an item on your registry they would like to purchase for you. Their gifts can dramatically offset the cost of your honeymoon. Items on a typical Honeymoon Registry generally include: airfare, upgraded rooms, romantic dinners on the beach, and car rentals for example. There are several websites that allow you to set up your registry for an administration fee.

Our  complimentary Honeymoon Registry works like this: 

1. We work with you to plan a honeymoon that fits your wishes, needs and budget.

2. We construct a registry for you to approve that includes multiple gift items in varying monetary amounts.

3. We email you a sample registry notice to be distributed to friends and family with website and contact information

4. 100% of the gifts received go directly to your honeymoon balance.

5. The gift givers receive a printable, personalized gift notice to be included with their cards to you.

6. A detailed accounting of all the gifts, plus a final honeymoon balance is provided once the registry is closed.

No fees, returns or gift-wrap! Gift givers, and brides and grooms alike love how easy it is. 

One last registry option for the bride and groom who have it all is a Registry for Charity. This allows your loved ones to make a donation to the charities that are closest to your heart.

So you have a few options to choose from. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a choice that makes sense to you, and what is most important to you as a couple right now.

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