Bridesmaid Expectations

You're the first of your friends to find the love of your life and make the big step of tying the knot.

I'm very sorry.

Being the first comes with a lot of responsibility. You set the stage. You show them the ugly (potential) sides to planning a wedding. You completely distort their image of the reality of planning a wedding.

You have the hardest job in the world: education.

The Reality of the Word "Wedding"

You may not be a teacher, and you may be a teacher. I don't know because I don't know you. But if you're the first to get married in your group of friends, you're going to have a lot of teaching to do.

No one knows the reality (cost) of a wedding. I was the first of my friends to get married and I love hearing about the dreams they all have for their future weddings. While I am not going to break their dreams now (the fact that their dream wedding is going to cost about $2.7 million), I think some reality sank in when the first bridesmaid item was purchased....the dress.

No bridesmaid knows the reality of the word "wedding." No matter what the item is, when the word "wedding" is added to the description, the price immediately least! And you have the task of informing your bridesmaids that they may go broke. Just kidding! But if they don't manage their finances well, that could potentially be the truth!

So without saying anything else, I am going to leave you with another one of my images that speaks for itself. It'll give your bridesmaids a rough idea of what is costs to hold that honorable title.

And you'll have to check back on Monday for the best tips you could ever get on how to make sure your bridesmaids can afford to be in your wedding (without going broke), and how you can help them get there (without paying for their items). Until then, enjoy!