New Year, New You // Bridal Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Happy New Year beautiful bride!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, and perhaps it was your last as an engaged couple? If 2016 is your wedding year then I have good news for you — today we are adding a New Year kick to your bridal workout routine.

an at home bridal workout

As you know, I love quick workouts that engage multiple muscles and also have a cardio element. Today I’ll take you through a short series of compound movements that give you the most bang for your fitness buck. This workout honors the New Year with 16 repetitions of every move (broken into four sets of four).

What We’re Focusing On Today:

1. Legs

The first move, Jump Squat Split Jump, gets those thighs burning and sends your heart rate sky high! Try to stay light on your feet as you jump, and deeply bend the knees as you land. If you want to make this move harder, stay in the squat or lunge for 2 seconds before exploding back up.

2. Abs

Moves two, three and four all engage different parts of your abs. In the second move, Oblique Bends, you strengthen the muscles at the side of the waist. Move three, Burpee Jacks, are for the deep low belly muscles, and the final Canoe Crunches strengthen the outer abs.

3. Cardio

Transition quickly from one move to the next to keep your heart rate up, even in the strength based moves. After the four sets of four in the video you have the option to repeat the workout up to four times (it’s a killer, believe me!)

Let’s Get Started!

Press play and let’s do it to it.

See you in the workout,
   Jennifer Dene