Algarve, Portugal Beach Engagement Photos

"Our engagement was a small getaway weekend to Barcelona that turned into a huge surprise engagement. Joao secretly planned an entire weekend including booking a Luxury Suite in one of Barcelona's top hotels, spa sessions, a Flamenco dance show with dinner and my favorite Belgian chocolate in our hotel suite. I didn't suspect anything because I was stressed from work and thought he was just trying to do something nice for me.

On our third day there, eventually he proposed on the couch in our room while we munched on tapas. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. He arranged to have our special wine delivered to our room after I said "Yes" and some more chocolate! After we cried our eyes out and called our family to tell them the news, we both had a full body massage and facial. The best part was that he had actually asked my dad for his blessing six months prior to the engagement, so my whole family knew and didn't tell me."

Nevena is from Serbia and João is Portuguese and they are living in Brussels together. They decided that they wanted to take sunny beach engagement photos on a secret beach in Sagres, Algarve Portugal where they met some years ago and the photos are beyond stunning.

Photography: Passionate | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Submitted via: Matchology