Bridesmaid Duties and Don'ts

As I realized from our "Guest List in 30 Seconds," many of you are more visual just like me! So just for you, I have been brainstorming ideas on how to turn many different blog posts into visuals instead!

So today we are talking about bridesmaids. Now, don't just go and hand this visual to your bridesmaid before reading all the way through because I am talking to you too!! Yes, I made this one for your bridesmaids, but more specifically for you, the bride! So many brides come to me, frustrated that their bridesmaids aren't doing everything they ask of them. "Can I just kick her out of the wedding party??"And I always have to be honest, oftentimes that is on you. A bridesmaid is not your servant - she is not there to plan your wedding for you and to put together every single DIY craft you have in mind. Yes, it is an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid but let's be honest, she has a life outside of your wedding too!

So before you forward this post on to all of your wonderful bridesmaids, I want YOU to read it all the way through. Your bridesmaids are there to help, not to do everything for you. Just as she should be willing and excited to help you out to keep your stress contained, you need to remember to do that same for her. Be considerate of the time and money (this visual is coming soon!) she is putting into making your day so special and always remember to treat her as you will want to be treated when you are her bridesmaid one day. Enjoy :)