Beyond the Lens: The Secret to Capturing Your Wedding Vows

"Imagine it's time for your first kiss. Your photographer is in place in the aisle ready to kiss...they snap...Uncle Bob stands up in the aisle to capture the moment for you, and your photographer gets a picture of Uncle Bob's behind." And this is straight from Theresa's mouth, owner of Theresa Bridget Photography. So it is not just me, a coordinator, saying that this could happen. Theresa even told me that "this happens more than you think! I have a folder on my computer of ruined ceremony shots because of guests trying to capture the moment."

Even with a beautiful sign like the one on the right, there is no possible way to be sure that every single guest is going to comply with your "rules"...unless you are superwoman! And in that case, I would like to hire you immediately to be at all of the weddings I plan!

But unfortunately for all of us, we have to live with that fact that not everyone listens, and mistakes happen whether we like it or not.

Your guests want to capture your wedding vows too!

Hiring two photographers is a waste of money if you are able to find a superhero who never makes mistakes, who can be in multiple places at once, and can magically make every guest sit at a ceremony without pulling out their phone or standing up. Wouldn't that just be the coolest?? With that being said, hiring two photographers is absolutely never a waste of your money because it could be the difference between having a beautiful first kiss photo and not having any first kiss photo at all...well, except for the blurry snapshot from Uncle Bob's outdated camera phone that can be blown up to a maximum of 2x2 inches.  While photographer #1 didn't capture that beautiful moment, the shot was captured because photographer #2 was standing elsewhere, phew!

So now you're thinking to yourself, "Okay, I will have my officiant announce to my guests to remain seated in their seats throughout the ceremony in order to keep this from happening." Well I am going to take it one step further and counter that argument...

Despite your wedding wishes, mistakes do happen

It's time for your first kiss. Your photographer is in place in the aisle ready to kiss...they snap...Uncle Bob remains seated but stretches his right leg out into the aisle and bumps your photographer, nearly knocking her over and causing a blurred shot. As soon as she gets back in place to snap again, the kiss is over.

If you're still not sold, then keep on reading...

I think I've illustrated quite well that a photographer is human and has the potential to miss an important shot that you would be devastated if you didn't have as a memory. But in addition, there is so much going on throughout the wedding day, that it is just not possible for one photographer (and neither is it possible for two) to capture every single moment.

There is a lot happening on your wedding day

Think about these scenarios and ask yourself, "Do I want both of these moments captured?"

The bride AND groom's reactions to seeing each other for the first time...

The cake smashing AND guest reactions to the surprising moment...

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Guests mingling during cocktail hour AND bride and groom shots...
The bride AND groom getting ready AND pre-wedding decor shots...
The first dance AND the beautiful looks on the faces of your guests...

With just one photographer present, you miss out on hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing shots, emotions, and moments that would otherwise have had the potential of being captured. On your wedding day, you will be so "in the moment" that you will want to be able to look back and see how much fun all of your guests were having. You put a LOT of work into your wedding day so it makes it all worthwhile if you are able to see that it all paid off :)

Nope, I am still not done. This topic is so important to me that I could keep going for days! Of course I won't do that to you, but I will leave you with one last reason why it is important to have two photographers.

Stylistic Differences

Every photographer has a different style, a unique artistic eye that enables he or she to capture your wedding day beautifully. "No two photographers are the same. Even being an {almost} husband and wife team we have completely different shooting styles. I love pull backs and close ups and Greg loves portrait style. Greg is great with little details and I'm great with seeing the big picture. We also bounce ideas off of each other while we shoot and this lets us get the best possible images." (Theresa, Theresa Bridget Photography)

And in addition to style, the same exact pose or image from two different angles can be an amazing photo pair to have - or will allow you to choose the angle you love the best, as illustrated in the two shots below. Which is a better photo, stylistically? Tricked you - there is no right answer this time because everyone sees photos differently and while some of you may have chosen the photo on the left, others chose the photo on the right. And both tell a very unique story!

There is only one thing more important than choosing an amazing photographer for your wedding day, and that is making sure you have an amazing second photographer for your wedding day. Don't let these precious moments be forgotten.

I believe that photography is one of the most important aspects of anyone's wedding day. Your cake will be consumed, your flowers will wilt, and your dress will be put away deep in the closet to be hidden until you have kids who want to see it. But despite everything else that doesn't stay with you, your photos do. These are the images that will sit in a beautiful album on your coffee table for each visitor to look through. These are the images that your children, grandchildren, and maybe even ancestors will look at one day, laughing at how silly that gown and hair do are. These images will last a lifetime.

"Beyond the Lens" is a collaborative series helping brides make the most of their wedding photos - the do's, the don'ts, and the absolute musts.

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