Can I uninvite a guest?

Back in the second grade, it was a couple of weeks before my birthday party and my invitations had already been sent out and received by my friends. I distinctly remember sitting at recess at the picnic tables with a couple of my friends and two of us got into an argument. I have no recollection of the scenario but most likely it was over something silly like whose shoes were newer or who had a better schoolyard ranking in kick back. Yes, I was the champion at kick back!

Without even thinking it through, I immediately uninvited my friend to my birthday party. Now you are probably thinking, "What a little brat you were!" And yes, that was definitely a bratty thing to do but when you think about it, couples talk about the possibility of uninviting guests to their weddings all of the time...and we are adults here! In the end, my friend told her mom what I had said, her mom called my mom, and I got in trouble and had to re-invite her to my party. And guess what, we were friends again the following day!

Isn't it funny how we can learn lessons from little kids? I look back at this scenario and compare it to all of the brides who dabble with the possibility of uninviting a guest from their wedding or even wedding party due to an argument. And how bratty of us to even consider that possibility!

Of course, there are always the extreme situations which you can determine on your own but if all else fails, the golden rule is NO, you may not uninvite a guest who you have sent a save-the-date to or an invitation to, despite the argument you are in. Most likely, the argument is silly and will blow over eventually. And even if you never talk again in your life, is it really going to ruin your wedding day if he or she is there? You don't have to hang out with them or even look in their direction if you so choose. But I can promise you one thing, the friendship will absolutely be over if he or she is no longer invited to the wedding. So take that into consideration before making any rash decisions.

And to take it one step further, why wouldn't you just be the bigger person? From experience growing up with three sisters, there is nothing that frustrates someone more than you being the bigger person. It is in our nature to want to fight back, so don't give them any reason to do so. Act like the lady or gentleman that you truly are, despite those bridezilla tendencies. And if in the end your friendship remains distant, was it really the end of the world that this person was present on your wedding day?