Sponsored: "It's All About the Dress"

This post is Sponsored by David's Bridal

The string quartet begins to play as the groom takes his place at the ceremony site and all of the guests get a smile on their faces. A few snap a photo of how happy he looks and then turn around and wait. The bridesmaids make their way down the aisle, and then the music slowly fades into a new song. Like an eager crowd waiting to shake hands with their favorite celebrity, the guests can hardly contain their excitement. All of the camera's are now out of the camera bags, the video cameras are in position, and cell phones are ready to go on the camera function. And then the moment is finally here...

This is the moment we have all been waiting for...twelve months of planning and it is finally here. What is that moment all guests wait for? When is the moment when the groom has the biggest smile you have ever seen? And the moment the bride has been waiting for since she was a little girl?

It is the moment when the guests get to see the bride and her beautiful wedding gown. The moment when the groom finally finds out what the secret gown looks like, a secret that has been kept for over nine months. The moment when that bride finally gets to model her dream dress as she walks down the aisle.

This is the moment the cameras come out and continue to flash and record the long-awaited presentation of the bride. And what makes this moment truly remarkable, is the beautiful gown she has chosen to wear as she makes a vow to love her husband for the rest of her life.

It's all about the dress. The venue, the theme, the colors - they're all centered around the dress.

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