Children Aren't Invited. How do I word my invites?

If you have a family with a TON of kids, then inviting all of them can definitely get very pricey! Kids 0-2 are generally free and 3-10 often have discounted rates - make sure to ask your venue and caterer for these rates
to see if you are going to be able to make them work within budget! And while you may be able to, it is YOUR wedding and you are not required to invite all of the kids!
Yes, this is a very difficult thing to tell parents and may even keep some parents from coming to your wedding so here are some tips for you whether or not you decide to invite them!
1. Hire a babysitter on site for all of the kids! That way, the parents can even go and check on their kids if needed! If a babysitter is not within budget, give parents the option of a loyal babysitter you know! Of course, none of this is required and is just an extra step in allowing all of your guests to come!
2. If you decide to invite kids, it is a great idea to have something fun for them to do so they don't get bored and scream and cry through your first dance! Bring coloring books, games, etc. or even set a small space
aside for them to watch a movie!

How to word invitations if children aren't invited:
There are many ways to word your invitations if kids aren't  invited: "No Children Please" or "Adults Only" are simple ways to write this but personally, I tell all of my brides to word it like this...
"We have reserved ___ seats in your honor."
In the blank spot, you write the number for each invitation you send out! If it is a family of 5 and you only want the parents there, then you write a 2. If it is a friend and you don't have room for them to bring a date, then you write a 1. Etc., etc. This is a very polite way of letting people know who is invited, as well as addressing the invite to those you are invited! While some children may be closer to you than others, this allows you to decide which children are invited (for example, your ring bearer and flower girl), and
which are not!
Just remember, this is YOUR wedding and you should invite those who you wouldn't want to spend your big day without!