Save the Dates

Now that we have decided on your date and your venue, the fun part of planning begins! We get to search Pinterest, look at colors, fabrics, and basically do all of the stuff that your fiancé is most dreading. Or you may be lucky (or unlucky?) and have ended up with a prince charming who would love to be involved and help out where he can! Well for some, this is a curse but for me, I loved how involved my husband was!

You must be beyond excited to announce your date to everyone so we are discussing save-the-dates today! There is no right way and no wrong way to send out save-the-dates but personally, I would recommend sending them out as soon as your date is set! You never know if Grandma and Grandpa may be planning their anniversary cruise three years in advance, or Aunt Sally is planning her family vacation for the following summer! While others may give different opinions, that is what I would recommend in order for everyone to plan their calendars around this celebration!

There are so many fun ideas out there on types of save-the-dates you can send out and there is no limit to the creativity on this! For our wedding, we did magnets so that each of our guests would always have a constant reminder to not set anything that weekend every time they went to make dinner, to get a popsicle from the freezer, or to crack a beer to start off the weekend! Ours were simple and yet a constant reminder for guests to see. Here is what ours looked like and for amazing deals on magnets, I highly recommend using Vista Print or WeddingPaperDivas where we ordered ours!

So I have compiled a variety of adorable and creative save-the-dates that I have seen used so you and your fiancé can get some ideas. And I would do something that would make your guests say, "Now that is TOTALLY Frank and Jenn!" Have fun, be creative, and make it your own! Until next time :)