Giving Your Wedding A Personal Touch

Written with love, by Sherri Collis

So it is wedding season and this year you are getting married too! How many times have you gone to a string of weddings and they all start to blur together because they were all so similar? Don’t let your wedding be one lost in the crowd, let’s make it unique!

Think about the two of you as a couple. How did you meet? What do you like to do? How can you make that a part of your special day? How can we make your wedding stand out? You want to have the wedding everyone remembers, not because it cost a fortune, but because it was so you!

Let’s start with the ceremony…… honoring your heritage adds a special touch and creates a memorable service. There are many cultural customs that can be incorporated that would allow both of you to shine a light on your backgrounds but blend them to create your new family. Wedding broom jumping, myrtle leaves for your hair, henna painting, vase or glass smashing for happiness…..what would be meaningful to you? Consider unusual music choices. Harps, bagpipes, harmonicas, banjos, what sounds beautiful to the two of you? Are you a writer? How about composing a special poem for the ceremony? This is the time when you are pledging your life to one another. Be sure it reflects who you are and how you see your future together.

The reception is a time for fun. Colors, lights, flowers, accessories, and food are all ways to show your individuality. Consider a custom beverage that the two of you create together. It makes a mark of individuality on your reception and can actually keep down your bar tab!

Photo by Mike Doherty Photography

Photo by Mike Doherty Photography

Think outside the box! Do the two of you enjoy sports? Consider a ball for your guests to sign instead of a guest book. It is much more fun to display and you are more likely to see it regularly. Maybe a baseball bat or helmet for signatures? Where’s that imagination taking you?

Are you country fans? How about a barbeque instead of the usual buffet dinner? Like the theatre? Let’s use velvet curtains for drama and add a stanchion and velvet rope entryway. Are you beach bums? Consider making some sand candles as favors. Don’t go overboard as it isn’t a costume party, but add flair in the little touches to show your personalities.

Let’s consider creating a logo that you can use on your invitations and put on an up light to shine on your ceiling or on a down light to shine on your dance floor, and on your favors and thank you notes to tie the day together. It can be your initials, or an outline of your pet, a motorcycle pulling cans like a wedding vehicle, let your creative juices flow. What means something special to you?

Are you scuba fans? May I suggest an ongoing slide show of your best underwater photos? The same could be done with hikes, bikes, or vacations. You could add theme related favors, table markers, and seat indicators.

This is the day when you celebrate bringing together two individuals and join into one family. It is also your opportunity to share with your friends and families what makes the two of you special together. You have memories and hobbies and experiences that brought you to this point and to the decision to get married. Share them! Let the ones that you love in on the journey. This is the time to be unique. You will have one wedding and I encourage you to let your personalities shine!

Creations by Collis

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