How do I know this venue is "the one"?

Today is the fun part...we are going to finally be selecting your dream venue!! Just remember, you've done your research so there is no need
to go on 20 more venue tours. Stick with the 2-5 venues you have researched and one WILL be your dream venue! You chose to spend the time researching each of them individually for a reason :)
Before we get started I have one word of advice:
When you see a venue you  and your fiancé love, stop the search and book your date!!

I seriously cannot say this enough times because going on more tours than I have suggested will not only get confusing (believe me, you won't remember which is which) AND you will 100% become overwhelmed and want to call it quits. I promise you that...and I don't break promises!!

And the second word of advice:

When you see a venue you and your fiancé love, stop the search and book your date RIGHT NOW!!

Of course, you cannot book it now because you are having so much fun reading The Overwhelmed Bride, but when I say right now, I mean right now. So I have a little story for you that will hopefully drive the point across
- A bride walks into her 1:00pm appointment and falls in love with the venue. She has one more tour that day and wants to take a peek "just in case." With an available date of June 1st and no other Saturdays available until November she lets the venue know that she will call them by the end of the day to reserve the date! Woohoo!! She texts her maid of honor, posts beautiful photos of the venue on Instagram (#myweddingvenue), calls her parents to tell them she thinks she found the venue, and is smiling from ear to ear! As she
walks out of the catering office, another bride walks in for her tour. And guess what that bride does?? She tours the venue, falls in love, and reserves her June 1st date right then and there because she heard some amazing advice from The Overwhelmed Bride! Yay, she found her venue! She texts her maid of honor, posts
beautiful photos of the venue on Instagram (#myweddingvenue), and is smiling from ear to ear!!
Meanwhile, Bride #1 goes to her second appointment and it is a nice place but everything she sees she just keeps comparing to that first venue she saw! At that time, she remembers the advice she gets from The Overwhelmed Bride and decides to cancel her third appointment and go book her June 1st date at the first venue she fell in love with. "Unfortunately, that date has already been booked."
Yes, this is a very large coincidence but believe me, I have seen this EXACT scenario dozens and dozens of times while working at properties myself and working with hundreds of brides. And to take it one step further:

I GUARANTEE YOU, if you are Bride #1, every single venue you go to tour from now on, you will ALWAYS continue to compare them to that original venue you fell in love with. And even when you find that next best
venue that you absolutely love, I am sure you are still going to be comparing the two.

So I am not trying to scare you, but I cannot tell you enough:
When you see a venue you and your fiancé love, stop the search and book your date RIGHT NOW!!

Alright, enough of that :)

Now you will pretty much be able to do the search on your own because you will get that oh-so-wonderful "feeling" when you know it is your venue. Yes, cheesy, but you will know! Just remember to ask as many questions as possible to make sure they are going to be a great fit for your needs and wants!! And here are the must-ask questions for you to take along with you. 

Happy venue hunting!!

 - What is the length of the ceremony? Reception?
 - How much time do I have to set-up? Tear-down?
 - Do you have a minimum number of guests required? Minimum dollar amount?
 - Are prices fixed once I have booked?
 - Do you have multiple weddings at a time?
 - Is parking free? Valet available? Enough space for all of my guests to park?

Food & Beverage:
 - How many courses?
 - Is dessert/cake included?
 - Is there a cake cutting fee?
 - Is any outside food or beverage allowed to be brought in?
 - Are there kids plates/pries available? What are the ages?
 - Is all food prepared on site?
 - Do we have a complimentary food tasting available?
 - What drinks are available at the bar? What are prices if the bar isn't hosted? If hosted?
 - Is there a corkage fee if I bring in my own alcohol?

Additional Services:
 - What chairs are used?
 - Are the linens included? What colors? Full-length?
 - What is the ceremony site fee? Are there any reception site fees?
 - How is the room arranged?
 - Is there a bridal suite?
 - Are there hotels nearby? Shuttles? Reduced rates for my guests?
 - Is the dance floor included? How large?
 - Where do couples take photos on site?
 - Will your staff be here to set up? Tear down? Run the wedding?
 - If a coordinator is included, will I meet with him or her ahead of time?
 - Am I able to pick my ceremony/reception start time?
 - Are you able to accommodate a multimedia slideshow? Additional cost?

What if...
 - I have fewer guests than originally contracted?
 - Are there rainy day contingencies?
 - I need to add or delete guests last minute?
 - What is in place to ensure everything goes smoothly?
 - Items are left behind?