Save Money by Hiring A Coordinator

Just by the title you are probably thinking, "I don't have enough money to afford a wedding coordinator!" And this is a common thought from brides. Yes, you would like someone there to run your wedding day and yes, you would like someone there to help you along the way so you don't forget the little details and you can actually have fun with your engagement! But with a tight budget, you may be thinking you would rather spend your money on a couple of extra guests or for a hosted bar.
What if I told you that a coordinator would actually be SAVING you money! NO WAY! How could I spend money on a coordinator and save money? That definitely doesn't add up! Well let me tell you right now, it adds up!
First of all, I 100% am telling you now that you want a coordinator for your wedding. And if you are fine with doing the planning on your own, AT THE VERY LEAST hire someone for day-of coordination so you, your
bridesmaids, and your family aren't having to deal with setting up and cleaning up and everyone can just enjoy the moment! Do you really want your bridesmaids to be picking up trash at the conclusion of the event? I hope not!
Let's first start by learning why you cannot have your family and friends act as your coordinator. And yes, this may be a bit repetitive if you've visited my "Coordination Services" page.

Below is your TO-DO list for anyone who is going to be acting as a coordinator...and I didn't include all of the details OR anything that happens during or after your ceremony:
 - Ensure hair and make-up stylists are ready and on time
 - Double check that each table is set up in the correct place with the correct number of chairs
 - Set table numbers on each table ensuring that every guest will have a seat
 - Set up place cards in alphabetical order at a front table
 - Ensure the correct number of chairs are set up at the ceremony site
 - Make sure florist is there on time and sets up the following: ceremony floral, centerpieces, and any additional décor
 - Time for your makeup!!
 - Pin all groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, and ring bearer with boutonnieres
 - Make sure all mothers and grandmothers have their corsages
 - Make an additional boutonniere out of a centerpiece flower because you miscounted 
 - Check in all bouquets for bridesmaids and bride
 - Make sure floral is placed properly on cake
 - Make sure cake is delivered on time...oops they are late so call them and make sure they get there!
 - Time to get your hair done!
 - Is the sand ready to go at the ceremony site? Out of the packaging?
 - Carefully place cake topper on your cake ensuring you don't mess anything up
 - Time for photos! Make sure you don't run into your groom!
 - Next it's time for the groomsmen photos but make sure he doesn't see you!
 - Has the minister arrived?
 - Has the videographer arrived?
 - Is the DJ ready to go for the ceremony?
 - Time for your first look...make sure you're all in the right places!
 - The ceremony starts in 10 minutes and you need to touch-up your makeup
 - Make sure the groom and groomsmen are lined up in their order
 - Send the groomsmen down the aisle while coordinating music with the DJ
 - Time for the bridesmaids to head down....don't forget to tell the DJ to change the music!
Now you may be thinking - okay, I am not going to be able to get that done and neither will my bridesmaids or mother-in-law. But I do have an aunt who loves hosting parties! WRONG! She may be great at hosting parties at her house but has she ever run a wedding?

You need someone who will be able to create your timeline, keep your timeline going, fill the candy buffet jars when needed, coordinate with the catering staff when the salad needs to be served and then the meal, and replacing an incorrect meal. They need to make sure you get your dances done on time, cut the cake on time,
and get all of the "activities" completed before the photographer leaves! Now this aunt is clearly not going to be enjoying herself and everyone should be enjoying your special day and celebrating with you! And this has to all be flawless...or at least you can't hear about any small detail that may go wrong!

I hope this all makes sense to you and if it doesn't, let me tell you this. I hired a coordinator for my wedding!! And I am a coordinator myself! Believe me, you will ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY not regret your decision :)

Now we're getting to the good part - you want to know how you are possibly going to save money by hiring a coordinator!

We know the industry well - we know the venues, and the florists, and the DJ's, and the caterers and know them well!  So here is how we are going to save you money just by knowing all of these contacts in the

1. You WILL NOT get over-charged because we know these people! Just like buying a car, if you don't
know the industry and don't know what pricing should be like, they are going to get as much out of you as they can! They are a business so will try to make as much money as they possibly can! 
2. You will get access to special deals. Yes, coordinators get discounts when they work with vendors often
so unless you hire that coordinator, you will not have access to any of these special discounts they may have with vendors they work with closely. Even if the discount is small, it will all add up in the end!
3. A coordinator knows what vendors are willing to discount. Yes, I worked at a venue before and I was
absolutely willing to discount...but I was not going to tell my brides that unless they asked! A coordinator knows which venues and vendors are willing to discount and to what extent. They know which months are going to be less expensive and which wedding packages are most cost effective for your particular
4. Coordinators know all of the fees associated with the vendors and especially venues in their area. When you book your event and place your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, there are many venues out there that are not going to discuss any hidden fees with you until after you book! I am not saying every venue does this, but a TON of them do! You are going to have to pay additional for a dance floor, the cocktail patio is additional,
and the ceremony site will cost you $3,000 extra, oh and the upgraded chiavari chairs that you saw during the tour are going to be an additional $7 per chair, and that gorgeous lighting will require a lighting technician for the entire event. Now that venue that you fell in love with, is not going to look as you had imagined because of all of those extra fees. But a coordinator will already know about these BEFORE you give them your money!
All in all, hiring a coordinator will actually save you money in the long run. And most importantly, they will save you time, energy, un-needed stress, and will absolutely be a blessing to you throughout the process...I PROMISE!! And I never break promises :)

If you live in or nearby the Southern California area, I would love to speak with you about your coordination
needs and make sure I can help you create that perfect wedding day!! Just visit my "Coordination Services" page for more information!