Introducing...The Bridal Boutique

The big announcement is finally here! And we are so excited to reveal what is now coming to The Overwhelmed Bride!

There are so many wedding shops and so many wedding items all over the internet. When planning a wedding, you are overwhelmed by product after product! And here at The Overwhelmed Bride, we love everything weddings and want to showcase the items that every bride just has to have!


The Bridal Boutique - FINAL.png

How it Works

Each and every Friday starting next week, we will be featuring one bridal item from an already established wedding store, shop, or boutique... these are the items that we absolutely adore and cannot live without! And, of course, why we love them :)

We are going to be showcasing the item, it's features, and how we love to use it! We will be showing off apparel, bridesmaid gifts, jewelry, wedding day items, and everything in between!

Whether you are a bride or know a bride, The Bridal Boutique by The Overwhelmed Bride will show you the best of the never know when you'll want to treat yourself or what gifts you'll find for your bride's bachelorette party, bridal shower, or just an "I love you" gift. The Bridal Boutique is for everyone!

So stop by next Friday and each Friday after that, to find some new items to fall in love with...or even a new wedding boutique that you absolutely adore!

Happy Friday :)