A Gift for the Girls

Written with love, by Corinna Saias

Your bridesmaids have accompanied you to different wedding planning appointments (from flowers to invitations selection), helped you picked up your perfect dress and the party favors, organized your bachelorette and visited venue after venue with you until you chose the one. Now it’s your turn to show your appreciation for all that she has done to make this experience wonderful for you!

What you will spend for your bridesmaid presents really depends on your budget and there is not an appropriate etiquette for that matter. Of course you will need to consider the expenses that bridesmaid have made for you (e.g. bachelorette party, hair and makeup, their dresses) and the time they have consumed in order help you prepare for your perfect day.

When choosing your gifts make sure to consider options that are outside the box and that would really reflect your appreciation. It would be extra thoughtful to offer them a present that they could keep, wear and remember you for days after your wedding. Jewelry and accessories that match their bridesmaid’s gowns may end up in a box or even get lost.

So we suggest that you offer them a present that will be very much appreciated, useful for your party, and something that can be used throughout planning and even after the wedding.

What woman does not loooovve shoes and more specifically, sandals? Why would your bridesmaids be any different? Therefore, as the perfect bridesmaid gift we suggest you to offer them handmade jeweled flat sandals. This perfect gift idea will sweep them of their feet! You can choose between trendy summer colors or go for a more romantic look.

6 reasons why sandals make the best bridesmaid gift!

1) They can be worn at your wedding party as a second pair of shoes for endless dancing throughout the night! We all know that it comes a moment at wedding receptions that our high heels are just killing us. Isn’t a shame to want to dance and participate in the fun but but have to hold back because you can't stand any longer? After all, you want your bridesmaids to be the life and soul of your wedding day.

2) For beach and garden parties sandals can be worn as the principal pair of shoes. You can pick sandals in beige, white and natural colors to complement any dress but for those bridesmaids that want to stand out you can also select flashy tones.

3) By offering them the sandals you have the opportunity to personalize your gift. You can choose from different designs and colors to match their personalities and their taste. It is certain that this will make them feel extra special.

4) Flat sandals are usually super comfortable, allowing your bridesmaid to have the fun of their lives in your party. You can pick a design with adjustable straps that fasten at the ankle and a cushioned sole that will guarantee hours and hours of dancing.

5) You want your wedding day to be unique and special and the same is true for your bridesmaid gifts. You don't want to offer them something boring. Jeweled flat sandals will certainly delight them and its an idea outside the box which lets your bridesmaids know that you spent time to think about their perfect gift.

6) Finally, but perhaps most importantly, this is a gift that can be worn every single summer day after your wedding, from morning to night. Your bridesmaids will remember you every time they get dressed or people complement them about these fabulous sandals. They can wear them in their vacation get away, at work or just to run errands.

Give your bridesmaids a gift they will use for months to come!

Corinna Saias sandals (www.corinnasaias.com) are handamde in Athens, Greece by a family owned manufacturer where attention is being paid to every single detail. Every pair of sandals is made from genuine leather and adorned (where applicable) with Swarovski crystals to guarantee the extra sparkle.