Life of the Party: 4 Musts When Choosing Your DJ

Written with love, by Cece Hughes

You’ve decided to go with a DJ to provide the music for your wedding reception. Awesome choice! Hiring a DJ takes the weight off of you and your fiancé to make a playlist, or find a family member or friend to sit at a computer and take requests. If you pick a great DJ then your reception should go just as you’ve always hoped: great ambiance during your meal and cocktails, and a packed dance floor for the rest of the night!

But how does one go about choosing a great DJ versus one that’s just mediocre? Here are a few key items to think about and look for when beginning your DJ search.

Look for sample media available online from the DJ you’re looking at. Sample music mixes or videos of past performances will give you a great idea of what your reception could potentially be like. Look for music or videos available on the websites of DJs you’re interested in, and if there aren’t any, ask about them when you request information.

Look at the details of past client feedback. What are the specific things that past clients appreciated about the DJs that they’ve hired? Was it their personality? Was it their attentiveness through the planning process? What about the fact that their dance floor was filled the whole night and guests are STILL talking about the great time they had? Don’t simply look for a good review, look for WHY a review was good, or bad for that matter, and take note of things that stand out to you.

Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with them. As with ALL of your vendors, CHOOSE SOMEONE THAT IS NICE TO YOU. This is the happiest day of your life that you’re planning, so the process should not be a nightmare with rude vendors. Choose a DJ that is nice and accommodating, that you are confident will provide for you exactly what you and your fiancé want whether that’s a customized package or playing your favorite song that you and your best friends used to listen to on repeat in high school. The DJ is there to make your night awesome, and you should feel certain that he or she will most definitely do that.

“State of the art equipment” is not synonymous with “good DJ”. Yes. You do want a DJ that has updated equipment, simply because it’s more reliable and less likely to malfunction on the day of your wedding, leaving you without music. Someone with newer equipment is also more likely to have older back up equipment available just in case something does go wrong. BUT be careful when the “state of the art” equipment is the main selling point of a DJ. Anyone can say the fancy names of several pieces of sound equipment and seem impressive, but not just anyone can be a good DJ that will motivate people to get out on the dance floor and have a good time with their music choices and mixing. You want to find someone that knows music and people well. A DJ that can read a crowd and mix great music will take your reception to the next level.

Finally, as with all of your wedding planning, do what you can to make this process fun! This is your day and you should enjoy every minute of it.

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