Today on the Bridal Boutique: "The Overwhelmed Bride" The Book


This week we have a product that is very near and dear to us, The Overwhelmed Bride Book!

If you’re looking for a guide to a stress- free wedding then this is an amazing resource. This book goes over some of the biggest stressors when planning a wedding and how to prevent them or even get through them if they’ve happened to you.

Not only has Jenn worked for over six years as a wedding planner, helping hundreds of brides, she’s also been a bride herself! This book is her go-to guide to navigating the whole wedding planning process to make sure you are as prepared as possible and have a wonderful wedding filled with laughter and happy tears, rather than meltdowns and anxiety.

This would make a great gift for a newly engaged friend at her wedding shower. What’s a better gift than a guide to the perfect wedding day? And for a limited time only, both hardcover and softcover copies are available to you at a 20% discount!

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