MARRIAGE | 3 Benefits of Listening to Your Wife

Written with love, by Dave Page

We landed in Hilo on the big Island of Hawaii. We were beginning the second week of our honeymoon. My wife kept commenting on all the ripped guys she saw walking around the airport. “What are you talking about,” I asked. “Everyone here seems to have chiseled bodies. Something special must be going on,” she replied. “No way, these are just normal looking people,” I said. I couldn’t fathom why she was looking at other guys on our honeymoon.

We were both athletes ourselves. I played basketball in high school and college and she played volleyball and soccer. I worked extremely hard to get into shape for our wedding day so I felt a bit self-conscious when my beautiful new wife continued to make comments about all the hard bodies, both men and women, she saw in the airport.

I thought I was in pretty good shape but when I stopped long enough to actually look at the people around us I observed men and women with unusually lean muscle mass, low body fat and a “ripped” look. “What’s going on here?” I asked one of the guys standing next to me. “This weekend is the Ironman Triathlon,” he replied.

No wonder.  I felt like a fool. I learned an important lesson that day that has served me well in my marriage over the years.  Listen to your wife. She was right and I was wrong. It’s hard for us guys to admit when we’re wrong. I had to admit I was wrong.

Marriage Blog - Marriage Advice - 3 Benefits of Listening to Your Wife


Below are three reasons why we should listen to our wives:


  1. Listening to her perspective helps you see each situation with more clarity.

My wife sees things I don’t see. I have blind spots and don’t want to admit certain things even when they are in plain view. Women tend to pay attention to detail, are considerate to the feelings of those around them and have great discernment. My wife’s perspective adds richness, insight and depth to my perspective.


  1. Listening to your wife will increase your wisdom.

The book of Proverbs discusses the differences between a wise person and a “fool.” One of the chief differences is a willingness to listen. When you listen to your wife, you’re honoring her, honoring your Creator and also growing in your wisdom. I’ve discovered that my wife has my best interests in mind. When you disregard her, you’re acting like a fool.


  1. Listening shows your love for her.

When you truly listen, you’re communicating your love and respect to your wife. It results in helping you grow closer to each other. Most women have a need for meaningful communication that is every bit as powerful as the typical man’s need for sex. Improve your love life by listening to your wife. It’s an investment that pays big dividends.

My wife and I watched the beginning of the Ironman Triathlon together the next morning and saw the final runners cross the finish line later that evening. A special memory we will cherish forever.