Never Stop Dating: 36 FREE Date Ideas

As you become wrapped into the wedding plans for months or even years, it is common that your fiance just can't get a break from anything wedding-related. And for many of us, having wedding plans swirling around in ours heads 24/7 for an entire year is exactly what makes us overwhelmed!

--->> More ideas pop into your head which makes making decisions even harder now that you have 27 extra options!

--->> Your To-Do list becomes longer and longer

And so on...

Here at The Overwhelmed Bride, we're all about weddings. But we're especially all about marriages!

So in the middle of all of this planning, make sure you take some time to continue dating your fiance. And for that matter, continue dating even through your years of marriage! Set aside one day each month, or even one day each week if you have the time, to go on a date night (or date day) so you can keep what is most important at your core...and so your fiance can feel some love, some time away from feeling that you have left him for someone named "wedding plans."

I'm known to read minds and I predict your next thought will be, "We are spending so much money on the wedding, we just can't afford to going on dates!"

Well thank goodness I looked into the future, because I prepared date night ideas that will cost you little to no money at all!

Now you have no excuse :)

So take the time to date your fiance, to get the wedding plans out of your head, and to keep your relationship, your marriage, at your core!