Your Bridal Survival Kit

I can promise you now, that something will absolutely go wrong on your wedding day whether big or small, whether you planned well or not, and whether you like it or not! So just in case, make sure you come prepared!

Put together a Wedding Day Survival Kit to bring to the wedding, just in case something is off that day. There are plenty of uses for all of it!

And in case you have no clue what you may need all of this for, keep reading for some ideas!


Safety Pins: Because they can solve almost any problem...
Scissors: For your DIY crafts, to open food or drinks, so many ways to use them!
Corsage Pins: If there aren't enough corsages and boutonierres, make a new one with an extra flower from your centerpieces or decor!
Nail File: A nail breaks...
Ice Breakers: Minty breath before the kiss ;)
Clear Nail Polish:
Paint it on a torn legging or lace and the tear will come to a halt!
Hair Ties: Just in case...and it's going to get hot on the dance floor!
Straws: Don't mess us your lipstick!
Earring Backs: Because it can't stay in if you lose a back!
Tweezers: Eyebrows and splinters :)
Hairspray: For your hair, of course, and to spray under dresses with too much static!
Double Stick Tape: Because you don't want anything hanging out that shouldn't be seen...
Advil: It's stressful! Someone is bound to get a headache!
Eye Drops: You may cry, and you don't want red eyes in your photos!
Mini Sewing Kit: The zipper breaks on your dress...time to sew you in!
It'll cover up any accidental smudges on your dress!
Tide to Go: For any spills...use the chalk if it won't come out!
Tampons: Need I explain?
Toothbrush: Because you want that smile to sparkle :)
Kleenex: Tears and runny noses
Nail Polish Remover: Do you hate the neon nail polish your bridesmaid showed up in?
Granola Bar: PLEASE EAT! You won't later!
Band Aids: Forget to break in your shoes?
Bobby Pins: Your hair needs to last all night!

Scotch Tape: There's always somewhere you'll need it!
Portable Fan: Cordless!! For some reason, the AC always stops working in the bridal room!

Floss: In the case that you actually have been eating all day!
Water: Stay hydrated!!