She isn't a wedding planner...even if she is

There are two things that we stress far too often...or maybe not too often, but definitely a lot! Can you guess? They are:
1. hiring a wedding planner
2. sticking to your budget

So with those two items popping up with constant reminders any time your brain thinks the word "wedding," it is only natural to want and strive for both.

And with a limited budget and so many ideas you want to implement, the clear "quick fix" to your problem is to have your best friend or your aunt or anyone who is organized to taken on the role of wedding planner.

The Professional Planner

The next words that will come out of your mouth are, "But my best friend really is a wedding planner! She actually does it for a living and she is going to plan mine for free!"

Wow, that's great! You surely lucked out! But there is one thing wrong with your statement...

Your friend is not a wedding planner....even if she is.

This is your best friend we are talking about. The girl who you played Barbies with on the front porch every day of summer. This is the girl who secretly planned your engagement with your soon-to-be hubby. This is the girl who you want to be standing right by your side as you say your "I Dos."

Remember, a wedding is all about you, but it's not all about you. It is about the friends and family who are there to share these special moments with you. So they should enjoy themselves too!

So that friend or aunt who is truly a wedding planner (professionally), IS NOT a wedding planner on your wedding day. She should be there getting ready with you all morning long, sipping on champagne and getting pampered with you. She shouldn't be setting up the tables, chairs and decor and then have to rush to get ready in time for the ceremony. And your aunt should be enjoying a glass of wine with her husband, not keeping a close eye on her watch to ensure your timeline stays on schedule.

4 reasons to NOT hire a friend or family member

It is absolutely imperative to not hire a friend or family member to take on the role of coordinator, even is s/he is a professional, because....

    1. S/he will not enjoy themself and won't be able to celebrate your marriage with you
    2. Too much pressure and anxiety comes along with it...especially because she is your friend
    3. If something goes wrong, s/he will take the blame
    4. A timeline off-schedule or a disagreement over cake is not worth losing a friendship

So while I have reinforced it time and time again "Stick to your budget AND hire a wedding planner," I urge you to refrain from hiring a friend or a family member...even if he or she is truly a professional planner. Allow him or her to enjoy your day, just as you would like them to. Because with that kind of pressure (giving you the absolute perfect day), there is no way they are going to be able to sit back, relax, and celebrate this next step in your life with you.