Comfort is Key

Written with love, by Corinna Saias

Do you think that sandals are only for garden or beach weddings? Well think again…..If you plan to be sitting all night long on your wedding day, then this article will be no concern to you. However, if you plan to have the best time of your life, mingle with your guest, be the first one on the dance floor and last the last one to leave your party, then you may want to consider purchasing a pair of stunning flat sandals.

Ask any bride and they will confirm that the beautiful, sexy high heels, they purchased for their wedding day, killed them. The truth is that brides stand hours on their feet. From the time the ceremony starts until you greet all your guests and hit the dance floor, you will definitely wish that you could switch to something more comfortable. Yes I know, I said the word “comfortable." Does that mean that they cannot look stunning and fabulous? Of course not.

Here are some ideas on how you can select flat comfortable sandals and at the same time remain stunning all night.

1) Pick a pair with rhinestones, preferably Swarovski crystals, to give the extra sparkle in your special day.

2) Make sure that the sandals complement but do not out stage your wedding dress with large and complicated designs. We suggest brides to go for a minimalistic, yet super chic wedding look.


3) If you are one of those brides that want to stand out, you can add a splash of color in the straps.

For guaranteed comfort throughout the whole wedding, make sure to follow these few tips:

- Choose the appropriate size so that the sole is a bit bigger than your foot
- Make sure that straps are adjustable to your feet (avoid elastic straps)
- Check for good arch support and a cushioned sole

And finally, we suggest purchasing an extra pair of sandals, even if you aren't sure if you will be wearing them on your wedding day. But it's better to be prepared than regret it in the end. After all, you're sure to wear your extra pair and some point, whether it is your honeymoon, pre-wedding activities, or summer vacations in the future!

So to all of the future brides out there, let the party begin and rest assured that your flats will be your best ally in order to have a magical experience.

Corinna Saias sandals ( are handamde in Athens, Greece by a family owned manufacturer where attention is being paid to every single detail. Every pair of sandals is made from genuine leather and adorned (where applicable) with Swarovski crystals to guarantee the extra sparkle.