The Big, Bad Stress

Stress. Anxiety. Pressure. Strain. Tension. Worry. Nervousness. Concern. Unease. Fear. Panic.

Have any of these words come to mind since he popped the question? If you've begun planning for your big day, then most likely that is a yes. And while The Overwhelmed Bride has come to the rescue, we're going to take a step back today to see where all of this is coming from!

We are here to keep your wedding planning stress to a minimum and while there may not seem to be any other cause for it, there may be. And that is for you to figure out.


The Causes

There are thousands of reasons you may be stressed out right now...

 - not enough time to plan
 - not enough budget to cover your wants
 - family and friend pressures
 - I have no idea how to plan a honeymoon!
 - pressures from tradition
 - you can't find a dress you love
 - your DIY project didn't turn out as planned
 - who should be a bridesmaid?
 - the guest list

...just to name a few.
But no matter what stress you are feeling right now, there are two categories in which all stress will fall under...the marriage or the wedding.


The Wedding

Everything I listed above falls under stress because of the event you are planning. You know those nerves you feel at the thought of walking down the aisle? Most often than not, they are related to the event.

Societal pressures cause these nerves - they cause us to shake, to get butterflies, and sometimes even bring us to tears. Because we are told from a very young age, that a wedding should be stunning, elaborate, and perfect. And if our day is anything other than that, what will our guests think? It will be embarrassing, to say the least!

Now I am not saying that this is how it should be, but this is how it is, whether we like it or not.

And for today, these are considered the good nerves, the ones that you can control if you think about the real reason why you are there...the marriage.

The Marriage

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

And that brings me to my second point...

The second category of stress you may be feeling is in regards to marriage. You are making a huge commitment here, not one that should be taken lightly so if there aren't some butterflies in there, then that may not be a good thing either. However, if you are so stressed out over the thought of marriage, then I urge you to SLOW DOWN.

As you walk down the aisle, there should be the nerves of excitement, but not the kind that stress you out. You may be nervous for showing off the huge event you have planned over the past year, but if there is any doubt in your mind that you may not be ready for marriage, then take some more time to plan.

Maybe you are nervous about finances, living under the same roof as your soon-to-be husband, the thought of kids, or anything else. And if that is the case, then I think another year of engagement wouldn't be the worst thing.

I promise, if he is the one for you, he will still be waiting a year later.

So think about the stress you are feeling right it the marriage or the event?