The Perfect Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

My husband and I have both been on cruises in the past and absolutely loved them. So when it came time to plan our honeymoon, there was no question in our mind that we would be choosing a cruise. To me, a cruise is the best choice for a honeymoon and here is why:


We researched many different destinations despite the fact that we knew we wanted to go on a cruise, and had no idea what we were going to find out. Cruises are CHEAP! Not cheap in a way that they aren't nice, but cheap in a way that they are extremely inexpensive for the value you are getting!

Endless Activities

You can have a drink at the bar, see a comedy show, go dance at the club, gamble, shop, eat, swim...and the list goes on. Besides a resort, what other destinations have that much to do at no additional cost??



One of the great things about a cruise is that you are going to know exactly how much you will spend before your ship takes off! Because your meals are included (and they are nice meals!), you don't have to worry about over-spending on anything. Before we left, we planned and paid for our excursions, pre-paid for our almost "unlimited" alcohol (and this is highly recommended if you like to drink!), and the shows, activities, and travel was already paid for.

Except for the gambling and souvenirs, we had everything paid for before we embarked on our journey. This not only relieved the stress of sticking to a budget, but made our trip that much more relaxing!

Many Destinations

One of the most exciting aspects of the cruise for us was that we stopped at five different Caribbean islands and we didn't have to worry about travel. Our ship transported us to each of the islands and we were able to have fun during that time. And the fact that we stopped at five islands in just seven days was amazing - you definitely wouldn't be able to fit that in if you were flying!

And there are so many options for places to go on a cruise - the possibilities are endless. While our port was in Puerto Rico which required a flight, you may be lucky enough to have a port near you and in that case, there is no plan travel involved. 

Travel While You Sleep

How cool is that?? We didn't have to worry about missing our flight, not having enough time to do an excursion before needing to travel again, and re-packing and un-packing our bags. And the best part?? We got full days of fun at each of our destinations and we traveled while enjoying a romantic dinner, enjoying a cocktail in the hot tub, or even while sleeping. It can't get much better than that!