Vendor Feature: The Importance of Forming A Relationship With Your Vendors

Written with love, by Eugene Grace


YOU are the reason we do what we do!

This industry is centered around you and the relationships of those that you love most. So wouldn’t it make sense to extend that relationship on to those that will be working so closely with you on your big day!? As a full time wedding photographer for the past 4 years, I learned very quickly that you would be spending more time with me than anyone else the entire day! From the moment I arrive, until I capture your grand exit - which I am still waiting for a hot air balloon/parachute/canoe ride down a beautiful river at dusk getaway! But the occasional helicopter ride now and again will certainly hold me over!!

I love this about my job! I really LOVE spending time with you and all of your uniquely awesome bridesmaids and your soon-to-be-hubby with his crazy groomsmen! I spend a good chunk of my time on the day of your wedding getting to know a lot of key people, but I like to have already built a relationship with you and your fiancé so that come wedding day, we are old friends!

Although I truly believe that having a relationship with your photographer is PARAMOUNT, I do think that it is extremely important to get to know all of the people that are working hard to make your wedding day as fabulous as possible! We all put so much heart and creativity into our craft and a better way to serve you is by KNOWING you and knowing what you really want. I like to send out a survey for our inquiring brides in a way to start that relationship process right off the bat! Throughout your planning time leading up to the wedding, I like to have a few meetings to lay out the day-off timeline, answer any questions you might have, and most importantly just to get to know you more! Typically I like to meet over lattes made by yours truly at our studio (I was a barista for 6 years before my photography days) or with some delicious FROYO!! I seriously love all things ice cream! – p.s. I literally just caught myself daydreaming about Pink Berry after writing that… Moving on. Another perk of us getting to know each other well, is that we feel very comfortable with one another. So much so, that I am able to get shots like this one!

With all that to say I really love what I do, and I count my blessings before/during/after every wedding! I’m lucky that I get to meet so many different people with nearly every shoot! I seriously couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day, than with you.

Eugene Grace Photography