The reality is...

Over two million weddings take place in the United States alone, every single year. And with the overload of photos, ideas, and DIY's all over the internet, the realities of a wedding tend to get a bit skewed in the mind of a bride.

So I am going to be open and very honest with you, so you know what to expect and what not to expect. And hopefully, no matter how harsh it may sound, you'll come back down to the reality of a wedding, the reality of your own wedding, so there are no surprises along the way!.

The reality is...

Pinterest-perfect weddings are not going to work within your limited budget.
All of the photos, decor, and inspiration you see all over Pinterest, are generally either a really expensive wedding (I am talking $100,000) OR it is a styled photoshoot...a wedding that didn't actually happen but was styled to make you want it even more!

DIY projects: 1) will not turn out as expected and 2) generally end up being more expensive.
That's right! When you see a DIY project, the person who created that was an expert and has done it time and time again to perfect it for the photo instructions. And yes, more expensive! By the time you buy all the materials you need, let alone the time you spend on it, you could've rented it from someone for far cheaper!

Something will always go wrong on your wedding day.
Expect it to happen, and don't get upset when it does. Because what really matters is the marriage, not the party. So make the most of what you have an enjoy this special day!

There will always be last-minute changes, no matter how hard you try.
The trip your aunt was going to go on was cancelled and she can make it to your wedding now! Your great grandpa didn't realize that an RSVP had to be returned until the week before when you asked him about it. Or your best friend out-of-the-blue turned into a vegan so she needs to cancel her order of steak.

You cannot control the weather.
You are not a weather god and no matter how many days you check the weather in advance, and no matter how many times it says it will be perfect weather, you just never know. But hey, rain is good luck, cloudy weather is far better for photos than sun, and as we now know, a wildfire can make a beautiful backdrop.

Josh Newton Photography

Josh Newton Photography

You will go over your allotted budget.
Unless you work very very hard to keep everything within budget, to the dollar, then your wedding will most likely go over budget. With large dreams and inspiration for our big day, it makes it difficult to stay within that number, no matter what the number is.

People will always attempt to create their dream day, for your day.
Whether their own wedding day was disastrous and they are trying to re-create that special day, or they can only dream of their wedding day and want their vision to become a reality right now, just remember that good intentions are always there. Every friend and relative who may seem to be giving a little too much input is only trying to help you have the most perfect wedding day possible. But either way, stand your ground and create YOUR dream wedding.

Your wedding photos won't go viral.
Nope, they won't. Out of all of the weddings out there, very few go viral. And if you're the kind of bride who wants to copy all of the amazing photos you've seen, then they are even less likely to go viral because they've already been done! So let your photographer be creative and come up with something new...and then you may have a chance! But honestly, is that really what shows that your wedding day was a success?? I think not!