The Secret Weapon

Written with love, by Lindsay Timmington

We know wedding planners aren’t a big secret, but they’re also not unattainable or only for the super fancy Ritz Carlton weddings.  Even though you don’t need a wedding planner to have a beautiful wedding, to avoid bridal burnout you may want to consider adding a wedding planner to your budget. 

Here’s why…

Hubby Ain't Helpful

Your husband-to-be is not interested in helping you, like legitimately not interested.  And that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean he’s bad or isn’t thrilled about seeing you walk down the aisle. It just means he honestly doesn’t care if your flowers are pink or white. But you know who does?...your wedding planner.  Not only do they care but they will jump up and down and squeal with you after you’ve landed the perfect color scheme and floral arrangement.  And isn’t that better than asking your fiancé a thousand times during football commercials what type of table linens he prefers?    

You get to keep your job!

If you want to keep your job, consider hiring a wedding planner.  Because when the higher-ups see that your browser history is full of Pinterest boards and The Knot discussions, you’re likely in for a conversation, if not a pink slip.  Yup…but your wedding planner; that “IS” his or her job and you’re the boss.  Let her do the wedding work so you can do yours.

Friends? Forget about it.

Sorry, but it’s true. Who’s gonna get sick of hearing about your wedding plans? Your friends…no matter how much they love you. Your family…no matter how happy they are for you.  Your dog… no matter how many treats you give him.  Who’s not going to get sick of it?  Your wedding planner, because this is her bread and butter, her passion and her area of expertise.  She wants to talk to you about it until every detail is in place and every dream has come true.  That way you can go to happy hour with your girls and avoid any eye rolling over dress details.

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

The Inside Scoop

Your wedding planner is a walking, talking Pinterest board.  Better than one, in fact because they don’t just pin it, they do it.  That awesome centerpiece you pinned two years ago but have no idea how to do?  They do.  And they will. Plus, they have the inside scoop on the newest trends, best vendors and everything happening in the world of weddings.

Day-Of Disasters

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

We know perfect doesn’t exist, but let’s be honest, you want to get pretty darn close with your wedding. And we know you and your bridesmaids aren’t going to want to soothe sobbing flower-girls or hunt for hung-over groomsmen on the big day, but your wedding planner is the ninja you need to take care of all those unexpected events that will naturally arise on your big day.

Bottom line?  Budget for a planner just like you budget for your flowers, your dress, and your cake. Not only do you avoid going all bridezilla but a wedding planner can be an integral part of a successful wedding and a total sanity saver. 

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