100 Stress-Free Tips & 100 Vendors to Get You There (...continued)

36. Aspire Images - Colorado

"Choose the 5 things that are most important to you to go right on your wedding day and put the majority of your energy into those. The rest still matters, but it's just details. If the 5 big things go right, then you've had a successful wedding and the rest is just memories - the good, the bad, the awkward, the priceless. Don't let the details stress you out and cause you to lose sight of the joy of your day." - Michelle Blanchard, Owner/Photographer


37. Signature Sounds DJ & Event Lighting - Rhode Island

Josh Wong Photography

Josh Wong Photography

"Work as much of "you" into your wedding as you can. Remember, it's YOUR day!" - Jay Friese, DJ/Owner

38. Katherine Herndon Photography - South Carolina

"Don't look at the wedding as the grande finale that has to be executed without a single flaw. Look at it as just the beautiful beginning to the rest of the story you get to share with the love of your life. What a privilege! When you keep the right perspective it makes it easy to not stress out over the details. It's all about the love." - Katherine Herndon, Owner/Photographer


39. Zara Creative - Michigan

"Do yoga. Seriously. It will keep your stress levels in check and get you ready for the ever stressful dress fittings leading up to the big day! ;-)" - Heather Zara, Owner

40. Bliss Bridal - Connecticut


"Most of the reactions you see on television are created for television. Not every girl has a fall-down, crying moment when she selects her gown. For most of our ladies, they feel great, gorgeous, like the best version of themselves. And they don't want to take it off. Those are the feelings to look for in "the gown"."
- Jessica Boni, Owner

41. Alda's Magnolia Hill - Arkansas

"It is all in the planning beforehand! Approve your timeline before the day of - that is what makes the day go smooth as planned." - Alda Ellis, Co-Owner

42. Ramada Grand Dakota Hotel - North Dakota


"What is most important is your love for one another, not impressing anyone."
- Pernora Kadrmas, Catering Manager

43. Inspire Me Imagery - New Jersey

"Grooms: the words "I don't care," "whatever you want dear," and "it doesn't matter to me" should never leave your lips! Always give your opinion especially if you don't care if the invites are blue or light blue. Trust me, it'll go a long way and earn you some respect as a decision maker in the process."

- John Kotlowski, Owner/Lead Photographer

44. Closer North - Maine

"Make sure you have a timeline and that everyone involved with the wedding gets one and knows where to be. Smooth." - Erica Leighton, Owner

45. Chernivsky Weddings - Illinois

"Just embrace all of the stress and learn to become comfortable with it. Stress isn't the killer, it's reacting to it and allowing it to control you and your wedding day. If you're witnessing stress then you're most likely manifesting it yourself. I know that's a harsh answer, but it's honest. Learn to understand where that stress comes from, and be an active agent in handling it." - Ben Chernivsky, Owner

46. SHOWORKS - Florida


"Only tackle one piece at a time. Don't jump around and let things get lost and misplaced both physically and mentally. You will feel much less overwhelmed if you can actually cross items off your list rather than adding on to it!" - Stefanie Berry, Creative Director/President