Today on the Bridal Boutique: Kate Spade "Roll of the Die"


Remember the Magic 8 ball that used to solve all your problems? From whether or not to call your crush’s house phone to if your mom would ever stop being embarrassing? Well we’ve found the 2014, grown-up version that looks way cuter on your dresser!

Kate Spade has a few adorable wedding items and this elegant die is one of them! It has short but sweet sayings on each side so when you’re craving some sage advice or are looking for a sweet little something to put on your desk, this is perfect! And who knows, you might be able to solve a squabble or two between you and your husband! If you can’t get enough chic and want more, then go follow Kate Spade for some quirky cute fun in your feed.


Kate Spade in Social Media

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All photos courtesy of Bleudog Fotography