How I knew he was the one...

Alexandra Marie Photography

Alexandra Marie Photography

We love love. Because weddings are all about love, right?? So in the midst of our planning tips, tricks, and secrets, we wanted to take a moment to remind you what your wedding day is all about.

It's all about marriage. It's all about "the one" you are going to spend forever and always with.

So we decided to ask you how you knew when you found "the one." You may be thinking about getting engaged, asking the question soon, or at the start of a beautiful relationship and are wondering how you know when the time is right! Or you're me and just love hearing these adorable stories ;)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy :)

"The day I met him. I was a ski instructor and he was a snowboard instructor. I had a few nervous kids in my class and when he made them not only smile and laugh but also helped them understand the concept I was teaching - without ever having put on a pair of skis himself - I knew I couldn't let him get away."

"He makes me laugh and puts up with me even though I annoy him sometimes."

"I was getting rid of old clothes and he asked why. I said I don't have enough room in my closet and he told me he would give me a bigger closet! Sold! hahaha!"

"Because no matter how much he may annoy me sometimes, I can't help but smile when I look at him. I knew that from the second week in!"

"When he took me to his parent's house for Christmas after only dating for three months and told his family he planned on keeping me around for a while."

"My fiance and I have a number in common. 610. It is our birthdays (3.21.91, 3+2+1=6, 9+1=10 and 2.13.82) 610 also comes up a lot more for both of us but I am not going to write it all out lol. Also, his son is named Cayden and my daughter's name is Cadence...both named before we met! We also both had surgery and our scars match up when we are laying on each other. And then there's the obvious, I knew he was he one when I couldn't explain my feelings. They were too strong and not very understandable. I made choices involving him that I couldn't explain. Everything, just was. It was like my heart was making all decisions without my permission. Yeah, he's the one :)"

"They are not, nor do they bring drama That's how you know."

"No matter how annoyed or upset or moody I am, he never fails to make me do my embarrassing witch cackle laugh. We can be in an empty room and have the best time! We are like two mischievous kids when we're together. But most of all, after 5 and a half years togehter, we are still like loved up teenagers."

"I never get sick of his company. No matter what I am doing, I know that I would enjoy it more if I was sharing the moment with him."

"He's the one for me because he's patient with me when I lack patience. He always knows how to make me laugh even when I am mad and cheer me up or make me feel better when I am having a bad day. We built our relationship based on friendship, and have shared the same values and relationship goals for our future together. He is easy to communicate with and knows my personality even if I don't always express myself. He is the one for me because he is the one I want to talk to when something good or bad happens and he continues to push me to be a better person. He is the one for me, because he makes me feel lucky to be his fiance, and I couldn't imagine my world without him."

"They say relationships are hard, but the right one isn't. Life is still hard, sure, but my true love is always the joyful part."

A huge thank you to everyone who shared your story and reasons you know that he/she is "the one." It is always great to get some positive energy in the midst of planning and to remember what this wedding is all about!

And if you didn't have a chance to tell us, comment below with how you knew that he/she was "the one." We would love to add to our list!