Your Wedding Day Backup Plan

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Even if you've crossed every 't', and dotted every 'i', there are always last minute incidents that may come up on your wedding day. As you consider what backup plans you might need to have in place (weather forecast, I'm looking at you), remember to include these personal plan B's.

This week on Mind Body Bride I'm sharing the three backup plans that every bride needs to be able to enjoy her wedding day to the fullest:

These include:

1.    How to find time to eat (when the reception is spent socializing)

2.    How to overcome last minute nerves (trés important)

3.    How to de-bloat on the big day

These super simple tips will ensure that you will have the BEST wedding experience ever! Visit Mind Body Bride to set up your personal backup plans, plus download your latest copy of the 14 Day Bombshell Bride Workout Calendar!


I'll see you there!

With love,
     Jennifer Dene