What every bride-to-be must be prepared for...

It was the most amazing night of your life, thus far. The perfectly planned surprise proposal by your fiance was one you wouldn't trade for the world. And that ring?? It's instantly your favorite accessory...and the whole world knows it because of your seven posts in two days, sparkling from every angle. Everyone joins in the excitement..."That ring is stunning" or "You two are the cutest couple on Earth!" We've heard it all and it seems that everyone and their mother cannot wait for the wedding.

Did I say everyone? Okay, let's take a step back because we all know that not everyone is happy for the two of you.

"Someone flat out told my fiance, "That's stupid," when he told him he was engaged. And I've heard "time will tell, why bother?"" - Caitlin, bride-to-be

"I've heard "Oh buddy, it's over for you!" Like am I that bad to marry? Is my soon-to-be husband bound to be that miserable with me? And some just flat out say, "Good luck" and we just look at each other with our mouths open...in a state of slight shock." - Leyla, bride-to-be

SeaLight Photo

SeaLight Photo

We've all heard similar statements and if you haven't, it's coming for you! Yes, I admit, it's all in good fun some of the time, and I have even found myself laughing along as a buddy says a similar statement to my husband. But in some cases (and you can tell), these are dead-serious statements that come out of people's mouths. And what do I think about that?? I think they are all just jealous.

"To me, it's the only wedding I'll ever have, so I want to do it big. But other people like to remind me that feelings change, and the divorce rate is high, something I do not want to hear when I am planning my wedding with the person I love most." - Caitlin, bride-to-be

They are jealous of the amazing relationship the two of you have and if you give them no reason to believe otherwise, who knows, maybe the two of you can eventually change their views on marriage. Maybe you truly can convince someone, through your relationship, that a marriage that lasts a life time is possible.

So what do I say to all of this? Show everyone that a marriage can last, through your own actions. Don't give anyone a reason to believe otherwise. If there were more marriages in this world that lasted, these statements would suddenly vanish but sadly, statistics currently back up these statements and arguments. If more people were staying together for a lifetime, then people wouldn't have reason to believe that all marriages end in divorce. So brush it off...I know, easier said than done. Just know, in your hearts, that the two of you will last a lifetime, and help others to see this potential.

"It makes me feel sad that not everyone has good thoughts about marriage. But this doesn't change my mind about it." Caitlin could not have said this more perfectly and this is a statement that I urge all of you to write down or keep logged in your brain. Yes I know, it can truly hurt sometimes to hear people say harsh things to your fiance...right in front of your face. But you two are the only ones who are going to make this relationship end in divorce...
or last a lifetime.

But it is times like these that, throughout all of the negatively, make you stop and realize that not everyone is trying to bring you down. "He said that he has been married for 44 years and it is the best decision he has ever made. And he said that sees something really special in the two of us that he doesn't see in others. And he was so genuine." - Leyla, bride-to-be

And it is times like these, that bring a sigh of relief and allow you to realize that there are others who believe in you. A marriage can last a lifetime and we have proof.