What It's All About

Last Friday I was driving to an appointment through the canyon roads, and the radio host said the word "wedding." Of course, this totally caught my attention, as anything wedding-related does. So my ears perked up, and I listened.

He began to introduce a new song that recently came out, that he predicted would be the top wedding first dance song this summer...and if not this summer, absolutely the top for the 2015 year. I was really listening now...I just had to hear the song!

About five seconds in, the radio started to cut out. Yes, I was in the middle of the canyon roads on my way to Malibu, so this is an often occurrence. Luckily, I caught the name of the song so as soon as I got home, I looked it up. While a very catchy song and clearly written for couples, I began listening more closely to the lyrics. And it is not often that I stop and think about the lyrics of a song, but these lyrics caught my attention.

Not only do they describe a wonderful relationship, but a wonderful marriage. To me, they were a great portrayal of what a marriage is all about. And so, I wanted to share them with you! You may or may not choose this song for your first dance, but I promise you, you will learn some great things from the lyrics. So take a listen, and then continue reading as I dive into the lyrics and what they have taught me!

Your relationship and your marriage are all about the little things. As soon as you get out of that honeymoon stage, there is no longer a wedding to plan or a honeymoon to look forward to. Everything leading up to the wedding may seem huge but in a real marriage, most days are just normal days where nothing crazy or extravagant happens. So embrace the little things in life and begin to love those little moments with your husband or wife.

"The way you curse when we're in traffic
A million flavors of your chapstick
The way that you keep my heart captive

The way you like to sing my songs
You always know when something's wrong
The way you say you miss me when I'm gone

The things you do that show you care
You're always down for truth or dare
Freeze this moment; let me stop and stare

Keep those memories close because those memories are the building blocks of your relationship and have brought you two together, have bonded you, and have helped form the amazing relationship, the amazing marriage the two of you now have.

"The Journey concert in AC
Remember we sang faithfully?
I still got that old hotel room key"

And remember those vows that you made, "through good times and bad" and keep those vows close to your heart. It is one thing to say them, but it is putting them into action that makes your marriage strong.

"For better or for worse
No matter how it hurts
You've got me to hold your hand
I promise you the world"

Live every moment in your marriage, like it's your last. You never know when God will request your presence in Heaven, so make the most of every day, and every second you have together.

"In your wedding dress
We'll dance till no one's left
Don't wanna blink my eyes
Don't wanna miss a thing

And above all else, take your marriage seriously. Live your life together, not separately, because you two are now becoming one. A strong marriage takes work. A strong marriage lasts forever.

"'Cause I can't wait for you to be my wife
To live this life together
And I won't let you go
I need you to know
That you are my heart, forever
And on and on and on"

I hope you were able to see how beautiful the lyrics to this song are, and how much we need to take them to heart. It is all fun and games planning our wedding, but planning our marriage is what we truly need to focus our time and attention on, to ensure we live a happy and healthy life together, forever.