Your Dream Dress is UGLY

Tulle & Chantilly

Tulle & Chantilly

You know that dress you've been swooning over and have pinned at least twelve times on different wedding boards? Yep, that's the dress I'm talking about. And I'll tell you now, it's butt ugly.

Sure, it looks fantastic on that five foot ten, 105 pound model who probably looks like a different person with all of that makeup she is wearing in the shot, but on you? Sorry, it doesn't look so great.

Right about now, I am sure you have a big frown on your face and you're either getting extremely angry or defensive. "I thought Jenn was a nice girl! She must've been in a pretty bad mood when she wrote this post!" Well, I will tell you now, you're wrong. I'm in a great mood!

So before you click the "X" to get away from this mean article that is crushing your wedding dreams, I urge you to just read on. Trust me!

My Dream Gown

When I got engaged, I quickly decided on my dream dress...or at least my dream dress look. With just six short months to plan, I knew I had to find a dress immediately. So without hesitation, my closest friends and I took a day to go try on dresses and all I wanted was to find that dress I had been swooning over, or at least one that was similar.

It took a while to find one but when I did, my eyes completely lit up!

That is, when I saw it on the hanger.

But let me tell you, as I stepped into the beautiful gown, pulled it up and turned around to face the mirror so that I could admire my dream gown, something crazy happened.

I hated it.

I hated the dress so much that I did not even zip it up. I think I had THE dress on for a total of 7 seconds...maybe. It looked absolutely terrible on me and from that point on, I didn't bother to try on anything even close to that style.

The dress I couldn't stand...

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Fast forward a couple of hours...

We are all at the second salon that day, and I just haven't found the one. My best friend's mom came along with us and urged me to try on a drop waist styled dress. "I just know this will looked gorgeous on you...and Frank will love how it flatters your body!"

Ughh, not my style. As all of my sisters and bridesmaids chimed in (that is why you don't bring 6 people along with you), they all urged me to try one on. "Fine," I said as the stylist grabbed one off of the rack. I went into the back room, slipped it on with a frown on my face, walked out to the mirrors, and stood on the platform as she zipped it up and put the clips on to make it snug. She dimmed the lights so that the beading could sparkle, and that was it.

I fell in love. That was the dress.

Moral of the Story

While I could go on and on about it, there is a moral of the story here.

Keep an open mind. Try on the dresses you hate because the worst thing that can happen is that you put it on and still hate it, and take it off, never to be looked at again. And on the contrary, get that dream dress out of your head! Yes, it is great to have some inspiration and some idea of what you are looking for when you go into it, but if you try "the one" on and it doesn't looked as it did on the model in the magazine, don't let it bring you down.

You will find the one, I promise!

It is hard to choose a dress based on a model reality that isn't true for most of us. Different dresses look better on different bodies so embrace that! Keep an open mind and you'll find "the one," just as you have found your "one" to marry!