You Always Remember Your Wedding Pastor

A Special Bond Between Officiants and Couples

Written with love, by Pastor Dave Page

choosing a wedding officiant pastor

I recently did a wedding in Malibu for a wonderful couple and the bride’s mother made a comment I’ll never forget.  She said, “You always remember your wedding pastor.” 

It’s true.  I remember the pastor who married me and my wife.  His name is Dr. Jess Moody and he was the pastor of a church in the Greater Los Angeles area. In fact, I talked with him just a couple weeks ago. He is a dear friend who I share a special bond with.

The wedding day really is a significant day for couples and I relish the fact that I get to be involved. As a wedding pastor, my goal is to make it something they will always remember with fond memories and that it will have a great impact on their family and friends who come to support them.  I design each wedding ceremony to reflect the values and desires of the couples I serve using various wedding elements (vows, rings, readings, poems, prayers, and innovative ideas). I make the wedding a celebration and I make it fun!

In a nutshell, I specialize in providing exceptional wedding ceremonies for couples that are spiritual but not religious. I really enjoy the interaction I have with the couples I marry and the friendships that are formed.

choosing a wedding officiant pastor

Consider the comments below from two brides and one father of a bride that I’ve had the privilege of marrying.

"It was divine intervention when I found Pastor Dave online. From our very first communication, I knew that we had found our guy.  Pastor Dave is the type of person you want to have as a friend and would only be so lucky to have as your Pastor.  We met on a number of occasions and when the wedding day came, we both felt that it was our friend that was up there with us, not just a pastor officiating the vows.”
~ Heather (MacLean) Russell, Real Estate Agent in Phoenix, AZ (Wedding in Santa Barbara)
choosing a wedding officiant pastor
“Pastor Dave assisted my husband and I in our greatest celebration life can offer, our wedding.  Pastor Dave inspired us and made our wedding day very special. Through our engagement Pastor Dave got to know us and was able to speak about our relationship and our future.  Not only did he provide a wonderful ceremony he provided us with a message for our future to never stop believing in what truly matters in life - family and our spirituality.
~ Sarah Shields, Personal Stylist Manager Nordstrom (Wedding in the Malibu Hills)
“I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful ceremony that truly was the cornerstone of an unforgettable, amazing day.  Lindsay and Brooks truly admire you and very much appreciated their premarital counseling sessions with you. As they both said, ‘Pastor Dave is awesome, he loves love’ and it certainly showed as you presided over their wedding!’”
~ Jay Sherwood, Investment Banker and Father of Lindsay (Sherwood) Burgoon. (Wedding in Santa Ynez)

Mark Russell, Heather’s husband is the founder of the popular Oregano's Pizza Bistros in Scottsdale, AZ.  Mark asked me to look him up the next time I came to Phoenix.  I did and he and Heather treated us (me and my wife) to an incredible dinner six months after their wedding.

I cherish the bonds that are formed with couples I marry and stay in touch with many of them.  I especially enjoy seeing them have kids and keeping up with them through Facebook and emails.  Maybe some couples will forget me someday but I will never forget any of them.

In my next blog post I will share “What to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Officiant.”