"Fit Bride" Rules for Success: Part 2`

Written with love, by Rebecca Fisher

Yesterday we covered the main steps to healthy eating and today, we're working on the holidays! I know it's tempting, but always keep your eyes on the prize for motivation!


Snacks of Value

Before you head out of town, pack your carry on with some good choices in snacks.

Snacks with value.

Hard boiled eggs, hummus and all natural (make sure it says almonds only on label) almond butter with celery sticks or baby carrots or sliced cucumber,  and unsalted nuts. These are protein rich, healthy fats and fiber rich carbohydrates that will leave you feeling satisfied. Before you get to airport stop by a grocery that carries healthy salads or bowls (Kale, quinoa, steel cut oatmeal with almonds and berries, Greek yogurt parfait). Add in sliced fruit or a few squares of dark chocolate to round out your mini meals on the go!


The "Clean" Meal

Before you hit the Holiday Party, eat a "clean" meal at home! Drink 2 glasses of water, a palm size piece of lean protein and some veggies - steamed or salad with a drizzle of vinegar and seasoning. This way, you will eat less of the poor choices offered at the parties. Watch out for those chips and fried mozzarella sticks... and who knows what!


A Brisk Walk

Go for a fast walk before you sit down for turkey! Or hit the gym with your fiancé for a mini workout, and feel great when you're sipping that mulled cider and eating a small slice of amazing homemade pie later that day!


Healthy Recipes

Seek out holiday recipes that are healthier and made with less cream, butter, and oil. Substitute plain yogurt for mayonnaise and sour cream for dips!

Stay away from bread and chips, and focus on fresh from the garden ingredients! Use alternative pastas (spinach, quinoa, spelt) and add in mashed butternut squash or spinach, along with cottage cheese to give that creamy texture without all of the fat! Google "healthy mac and cheese recipe" for ideas!


Spread the Love

Share your tips and successes with those you love! This is a special time to gather with those that care about you and your upcoming wedding! Everyone will want to have the recipe for your amazing healthy version of whatever, so bring a few of your favorites to give to your closest friends or family and make it a tradition for next year, all while you inspire others to get fit with you!

What a legacy!