Rock Your Resolution

Written with love, by Leah Bahrencu

The biggest eating holidays are over.  Now what?  It’s time to get back on track.  Did you know only 8% of people that set a resolution actually achieve their goals?  92% of people have good intentions but just abandon them after a few weeks or so.  Well that will not be you, not this time - the year 2015 is the year to ROCK your RESOLUTION and to ROCK that wedding dress.

So here are some ways to achieve your goals in 2015.


Keep your goals simple. 

Typically people like to make elaborate goals or bucket lists. It doesn’t mean you can’t dream big, but setting smaller more attainable goals more frequently allows you to see progress and to actually achieve them.


Set SMART goals.

SPECIFIC // Be as specific as possible.  DO NOT just say, "I want to lose 20 lbs" or "I want to look good in my wedding dress."  Write down something with meaning and write it as if you have already achieved it.

        Example: "I look and feel amazing in my wedding dress. I even had to get it altered to fit properly."

MEASURABLE // This needs to be numerical.  You need to be able to measure your success.  Someone should be able to evaluate whether or not you achieved your goal.  So for health and fitness you can set an example of how many days a week you will work out, or how many hours of sleep you will get a night. 

ACHIEVABLE // Make sure it’s achievable. Do not set yourself up for failure when it comes to this. Say your wedding is in 2 months and you want to lose 30lbs, well honestly that might not be as achievable as you expect. It isn’t impossible, but it is very unrealistic and unsafe. Make sure your goals are safe and consistent with your priorities. 

REWARDING // What are the rewards correlated to your goals?

        Example: Since I’m working out 5 days a week, I will be stronger and more confident.

TIME BASED // You should set specific deadlines or dates in which to achieve these goals.  This will help you stay focused on your goals.

POSTED // Post your goals somewhere you will see them daily!  Stick them on your fridge or your bathroom mirror.  The constant reminder will keep the goals on top of your mind and anyone else in your household can see them and help you stay accountable.


Make health and fitness part of your lifestyle, not just your resolution.

Oftentimes couples focus so much on getting fit for the wedding that once the big day has passed, all their goals and hard work go out the window. 

When you merge your lives together, you change your lifestyle.  There may be more eating out, making lavish meals for your significant other, eating the same amount of food as your new hubby, or working out isn’t as much of a priority as it used to be.  Your mindset is that you accomplished your goal of looking good for the big day, but you didn’t think about all the days after and didn’t set any goals for that.

So just like you did in pre-married life, set goals together as a family.  Meal plan, plan your workouts, be mindful of your eating out trips. Don’t forget ladies, men are built differently than us. They may be able to eat more than us and can have many bad habits and not be affected (visually) by it, so don’t allow that to sway you away from your progress.


INVEST in your health

I completely understand budgeting for a wedding, paying your everyday bills and paying for fitness classes or a trainer is not always feasible.  However, I do know that the more you invest in your health and fitness, the more you will stick to it. This could be anything from buying a mat, stability ball and some weights, joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, or purchasing a home workout program. No matter what it may be and depending on what works for you, invest in your health and fitness.

Start a dollar jar: Put $1 in for every scheduled workout you complete.  This is a great way to save up some money and use it to reward yourself with a new workout outfit, workout gear, mani/pedi, etc. for staying on top of your goals.



This is the BIGGEST key to success.  Before I started my health and fitness journey, I did not have accountability and I failed miserably. I am not saying everyone fails, but typically most people do if no one is holding you accountable. So I joined an accountability group and since that day, I have not looked back. Having a group of people to hold you accountable can be a game changer.  You don’t want to let them down by not sticking to what you committed.  So find an accountability partner or a group of fit friends.  You DO NOT have to do this alone. 

Every month, I host fitness accountability groups.  They focus on fitness, nutrition and support. I share recipes, fit/nutrition tips, and motivation during your journey.  If you are interested in one of the groups please fill out this application to join my current group and to get a FREE 5 day Meal Plan.