100 Stress-Free Tips & 100 Vendors to Get You There (...continued)

47. Ysabella Jones Photographer - California

"Think of the bigger picture. You're doing all of this so you can get married to the love of your life. Just because the flowers are a shade different than what you picked out doesn't mean you're destined for divorce. Don't worry, sweet pea. All things happen together for the good, and everything truly will be okay." - Ysabella Jones, Owner

48. J. Tailor Salon - Texas

"Journal your stressful thoughts. It will help you gain perspective and clear your mind."
- Shreeda Tailor, Owner

49. The Thoroughbred Center - Kentucky

"Keep your expectations in check. You have three choices: Fast, Cheap and Good - Pick Two."
- Amy Jackson, Event Coordinator


50. Funkyhulagurl Photography - Hawaii

"I always tell brides that the wedding can't happen without them, so just take a deep breath and let the day play out." - Nohea Runnells, Owner

51. Southpointe Golf Club - Pennsylvania

"Learn to say "no." Everyone will want to give you their opinion weather you want it or not. Stay true to your vision, which I am sure you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl!"
- Lauren Mitchell, Banquet & Event Sales Manager

52. Powers Studios - Oregon

"I think you should celebrate every decision. Whether it's by popping some champagne, going on a fun date, or taking a day off from planning, it should be something that helps you recognize your progress and have fun with the planning!" - Erin Cope, Studio Manager


53. Love Your Face Beauty - New York

"Budget according to what matters most to you. If you don't care where you get married but you care about the photos, spend your money on a photographer, hair, and makeup and find a budget venue. If you aren't hiring a photographer, splurge on the venue and don't hire hair and makeup! Do what will make you and your future husband the happiest." - Amanda Thesen, Hair & Makeup Artist


54. Forever Yours Images - Missouri


"Pass off the check-list of things to do the week of the wedding to trusted friends and family so you can be your best emotionally and in good health for your wedding day."
- Lisa Wassilak, Owner/Photographer

55. Simply I Do - Iowa

Branch out from Pinterest. A lot of the dresses on Pinterest aren't available so when a bride falls in love with a $10,000 custom designed gown and has a $2,000 budget, they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Pinterest can be very helpful for decoration ideas and color schemes, but it needs to be utilized in moderation when planning a wedding." - Andrea Koch, Owner


56. M. Rinaye Photography - Indiana

"Choose to live in the moment of happiness and excitement."
- Maike Pulliam, Owner/Photographer


57. to make Beautiful - Massachusetts

Just breathe and realize that you aren't auditioning. You know everyone who is going to be there. AND, If you pass out, at least your makeup will still look good!"
- Kimberlee Bowen, Makeup Artist / Master Esthetician

58. Eliana Nunes Floral Design - North Carolina

"My honest advice would be to avoid micro-managing. Once you have chosen your vendors and you have read their reviews, checked references and all that good stuff, trust them to do what you've hired them to do. Brides who try to micromanage everything end up driving themselves into a huge amount of stress."
- Eliana Nunes, Owner/Head Designer

Live View Studio

Live View Studio

59. Jacquelyn Phillips Photography LLC - Arizona


It's okay to take 5 minutes to yourself any time you need it during the wedding day - 5 minutes to hold hands with your husband, or 5 minutes before you put on your dress to eat. Take those breaks in your day to savor every moment." - Jacquelyn Phillips, Owner/Photographer

60. Fairview Farm Events - Virginia

Pick a venue that has a plan for the"what ifs"." - Debora Gordon, Managing Owner


61. Felice Bridal - Colorado

"No one besides you will know what wasn't perfect! Same with the gown. Your groom/guests will only see what you are wearing on your wedding day -- they will not know what your 2nd and 3rd place options were." - Robin Woronoff, Co-Owner


62. Lisa Robinson Photography - California

"Instruct them to stand tall with their feet apart and get as large as possible! Flex your muscles like a wrestler and make a scrunched up warrior face. Loud war cries and punching the air multiple times is highly encouraged! This usually gets everyone laughing and relaxed and makes for some fantastic and hilarious photos!" - Lisa Robinson, Owner

63. Avenia Bridal - Utah

Alexann Lossle Photography

Alexann Lossle Photography

"Avenía is able to tailor your designer or custom wedding gown to your exacting requirements. We recognize that our brides entrust us to help them create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we make every effort to cause them to smile each time they reflect on their special day" – Ariel Baker, Consultant

64. Be Original Photography - New Jersey

"When we see the stress in our bride or groom's eyes and can see they are getting frazzled, we tell them to whisper something inappropriate (i.e., dirty) to each other. Why? Because they immediately laugh and remember to focus on just them and tune everyone else out. This also gets the most camera shy grooms to crack a real smile and loosen up." - Bre Wakefield & Emmy Rampton, Partners/Photographers