100 Stress-Free Tips & 100 Vendors to Get You There (...continued)

65. FLAIR Austin - Texas

"Being an Esthetician I immediately turn to the essential oils. I bring 2 different scents along with me in my makeup kit~ Lavender and Grapefruit, and I came to realize these on my own wedding day due to my own spazztastic tendencies. The lavender gives a calming effect while the grapefruit lifts your mood and energy, an excitement simulation if you will. They have been a hit at a good 90% of the weddings I've worked, with the exception of brides that are allergic or veer away from the scents due to personal choice. It just sets a relaxing and zen atmosphere, something every bride needs on the morning of her big day! A few drops on the pressure points or even just straight up nose to bottle with deep breathing does the trick!" - Kassy Holly, Co-Owner/Lead Makeup Artist & Esthetician

66. Twisted Images Photography - Pennsylvania

"Laugh. I know it sounds funny but a little smile goes a long way. I have had brides when where all else seems to be failing, making them laugh brightens the mood and the stress disappears. They say laughter can be a remedy to many things, and bringing the smiles back to a brides face with a little joke or even saying something witty to lighten the mood is a simple yet very effective trick I have learned and will most certainly keep using. After all the bride should be happy on her wedding day ;)"
- Christina Smith, Owner/Photographer

67. Rural Hill - North Carolina

Love Shutter Photography

Love Shutter Photography

A glass of champagne to start the wedding day - and leave the rest to the professionals! All of the guests in attendance will never be in the same place together again, so enjoy every moment and do not get caught up in the details that may not mean all that much in the end."
- Lauren Petervary, Events Director

68. Forever Young Photography - Wisconsin

"My biggest piece of advice for brides is to expect the unexpected and learn to live with the perfectly imperfect because things will go wrong. When the seating chart is messed up and the caterer can not get your favorite bottle of wine, it's OKAY because one thing is for sure - at the end of the day you will be married to the one you love." - Rebekah Luedcke, Owner


69. The Lodge at Mt. Park - Oregon

Start with a budget, and keep with it. Have a notebook divided with all items that you will need for your wedding (location, decorations, floral, photography, etc.)." - Melissa Browning, Events Manager

70. OKC Videos - Oklahoma

"Don't try to BUILD the best day of your life, MAKE it the best day of your life! Don't try to buy the best day and waste money on lavish venues and vendors, but make the day special by focusing on the people around you and the love you and your soon-to-be-husband have. The most fun weddings I've been at haven't been in amazing locations with the best everything. They were fairly simple and focused on enjoying each other and the love that is present. Then there's other weddings where the focus is putting on a huge show to impress friends and I know the couple argue about pointless things before the wedding day." - Ryon Hinson, Owner/Videographer/Editor

71. Creative Beaute Agency - Minnesota

"Don't miss out on this day, distracted with trying to control it. The greatest memories come from the moments you never expected and could not have planned... so let it go and let them happen."
- Robbin Julien, Owner/Operator

AJH Photography

AJH Photography

72. LifeScapes Photography and Event Design - Michigan


"I have a code word I give out to my brides before the wedding day so I know when they would like me to step in and create a distraction for someone or many someones."
- Lindsey Gibson, Owner/Photographer

73. Cotton Rouge - South Carolina

J Jones Photography

J Jones Photography

"Listen to music and sing it out! I had a bride who I could just tell was getting very overwhelmed. And it was a huge bridal party surrounding her! I simply got my phone out and turned on Pandora to some nice music (not spa music... Drive down the road with the windows down music), laid my phone in her lap and said calmly to her "I'm just going to switch and do your hair now". Her eyes had been tearing up from stress and it was definitely going to make makeup tricky. I asked all 12 people in the room to head out of the room for a minute because I needed to ask the bride a private question. They did. The bride asked me what was up and I said "not a darn thing I just wanted you to have a moment." She cried and apologized and I said, "Oh girl please! Do you think you are my first bride who needed a moment?!" She laughed and we jammed to a song and then let everyone back in the room." - Katie Cotton, Owner

74. Blueflash Photography - Rhode Island

It's over pretty quickly and then other parts of life begin, so don't rush it or wish it away! It's a once in a lifetime experience." - Matthew Celeste, Owner/Lead Photographer


75. VIP Country Club - New York


"Choose vendors you'll want to use well beyond your wedding day, as you return for a christening or 1st birthday party for your child!" - Mike Morelli, Vice President

76. Allison Hope Photography - New Hampshire

Choose vendors to work with whom you trust and not just those who strike the best deal. I love a good bargain as much as the next gal, but I do not believe your wedding is the place to be bargain hunting. If you choose vendors whom you trust, then you will have no need to worry about the work they will produce." - Allison McGrail, Owner

77. The Ridge Tahoe Resort - Nevada


"Listen to your hearts. If you and the groom want to walk down the aisle together rather than following traditions, then you should do so. If you want to wake up together and have coffee, chat, massage, help each other get dressed, we say, 'Why Not? It's your day.'"
- Blair Varela, Group Sales Manager

78. Shane Godfrey Photography - Massachusetts

"I always tell my clients to have their wedding the way THEY want it, not how their parents or friends think it should be. It is 2014 and at this point you can have or not have any traditions you would like. I even have clients that get married without officiants!" - Shane Godfrey, Owner


79. Phillip Michael Studio Bridal - Maryland

"Breathe! This is a time to enjoy the process of planning your special day so take a minute to realize that this can be fun!" - Lauren Lamon, Marketing & Advertising Assistant

Laura Murray Photography

Laura Murray Photography

80. Dev Khalsa Photography - Idaho

"Develop a close relationship with your vendors so you get very comfortable with them."
- Dev Khalsa, Owner

81. Frank & Mia Wedding Films - Georgia

"What's stress spelled backwards? >> Sserts! And do you know what that means? Nothing at all. Just remember that the next time you decide to stress out :)" - Maya Table, Executive Producer

82. Born Ready Fitness - Connecticut


"When you wake up in the morning make sure you start your day saying, "I need to do 3 stress-free things for myself today and one of them must be some form of physical activity to help with any tension or anxiety." All of the brides that we train swear by this! You can do it!!" - Michael Gulyas

83. Melissa Miksch Photography - Washington

"Pick your battles. Really think about what you truly care about, and what is just you needing to win. I've seen a lot of people get caught up in a power-struggle over things they really didn't care about. Save your energy for the important things." - Melissa Miksch,Owner/Lead Photographer


84. Linekin Bay Resort - Maine

"Plan but do not over plan. The more you plan the faster the day will go. Let the professionals you hire do the work for you." - Mark Osborn, General Manager/Event Planner

85. Prince Photography, LLC - Louisiana

"When budgeting for your wedding, don't think in terms of just prices, but think of what is being presented. Make a hierarchy of what is most and least important. Check out vendors for their service, not for their prices. Sometimes it truly is better to just not have something, than to have something that is not up to par." - DJ Hunter, Owner/Photographer