My Beautiful Life

Written with love, by Jaime Glonek

As I see my reflection, my heart starts to race. It's the power of the dress. I see the girl I used to be and the woman I want to be both staring back at me. I see flaws and I see perfection. I see anxiety and I see love. I want my forever but all I see is my now. There are things that I should be stressing about-the food, the venue and even the weather. But, all I can think about is that moment.. the moment of no return. The moment I see him. The instant in time that I lose my breath and have tunnel vision. Everything seems extraordinary and nothing else seems to matter. I don't expect my fairy tale day because in him and our love, I am home. 

Fast forward to my "every day life." It's just one month until I become a Mrs. to my best friend. I have been engaged for six months and have not been stressed in the slightest bit. I just don't understand how so many girls get so caught in the detail of planning that they completely forget to enjoy the experience. I've been alongside my soon-to-be husband for almost seven years and it has been the most influential seven years of my life - through love, health, and change.

It's now crunch time and I should be analyzing every detail. Every decision should make or break the day. I take a step back and my eyes glaze over. I crave stability but find everything but. 

An engagement, as well as planning a wedding, can be a very stressful time. We aren't used to having to make so many decisions, spend the allotted money from our budget, and plan the perfect night for our guests. It's easy to become overwhelmed. It's easy to become stressed. With stress comes mindless, binge eating. You know, the homemade red velvet cupcake or the monstrous bowl of chocolate-laden froyo. That kind of emotional eating always makes us feel better.. right? That is where we are wrong. By reversing the cycle and fueling our bodies with PROPER nutrition, we will feel so much better. Not only will we stress less about fitting into our ever-so-tight bridal gowns, but we will be sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and have a better focus on the wedding. 

I can honestly say that my nutrition has helped me overcome many stressful decisions during my engagement. Eating whole, real foods, along with adequate amounts of water has helped put my mind and body at ease. I cannot wait to share with you more about how to stay focused on your goals throughout your engagement. I hope to be able to de-stress you during this busy (and very exciting) time in your life. 

As I see my reflection a little bit clearer, I realize I am not even looking at myself in the mirror in my wedding dress. I am looking at my future of happiness, healthiness, and handsomeness. And I couldn't be more elated.