5 of the Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Almost every bride is going have regrets once the wedding day is over. And I don't mean, "I am so upset with the decisions I made that I didn't even love my wedding" regrets, but little regrets that could have been avoided. And so, without further ado, here are the top five wedding regrets I have seen and experienced in my six years of being a wedding coordinator.

1. Videography

It's plain and simple. Most couples don't hire a videographer so they can save some money or because they only think they'll watch their wedding video maybe once a year, at most. But let me tell you, even if you watch it just once in your lifetime, it is SO worth it! I promise!

2. Outside Influences

There are so many outside influences while planning your wedding- your friends have their dream wedding in mind as they help you plan and your parents want to make this day extravagant and perfect even though their idea of perfection is far from yours. And I know it is hard, but avoid the temptation to just give in. Choose the dress that you love, not the one that your friends think you look the best in. Choose the venue that is exactly what you've dreamed of and dance to the songs that make you happy. Don't worry so much about being judged or making sure your wedding is the wedding of the year. Have fun and create the wedding that YOU have always dreamed of.

3.  Let it all soak in!

About a million and one already married couples are going to tell you how fast your wedding day will go. Believe me, I was sick of people telling me that by the time my wedding day came. But once it's over, you'll truly realize what they were talking about - it's really not something you can understand before it's over. It may seem like a lot of hours, but your wedding day will go by in a flash! So take 10 minutes to just sit alone with your new husband and soak it all in. Just sit for a minute and look out onto the dance floor and see how amazing it is that this celebration is for you, and soak in every single minute, every single second of your wedding day because it'll come and go far quicker than you expect.

4. Hiring Friends

Never ever EVER hire a friend (or friend of a friend) to help with your wedding day. NEVER. If he or she is a true wedding professional, then that's great. But they are far better suited sitting as a guest and enjoying your wedding day.

However, in most cases, they are photographer but not a WEDDING photographer. They are makeup artists but not WEDDING makeup artists. And that is a big no-no for your wedding day. It all comes down to this: Your wedding day will come and go and you only get one chance to make it as you've always dreamed. You may want to save a some money but in the long run, it is not worth the hassle. Those precious moments such as your first kiss can be missed by a photographer in a split second, and a cake baked at home cannot last long in warm weather. No matter the case, no matter the expertise or current friendship status, never hire a friend to help with your wedding day. Let them relax, enjoy, and celebrate with you all night long! Because that's where friends should be!

5. The Wedding Planner

I know this one is a bit bias, as I am a wedding coordinator myself, but that is why I saved this one for last. And you can ask any bride out there and they will all agree! Hire a wedding coordinator AT LEAST for the day of the wedding. You don't want to be on the phone with the bakery when your cake isn't delivered on time. In fact, you never want to know about a cake arriving late, because that is where stress comes from! So just trust me on this, and hire someone to coordinate your wedding day. And no, your aunt doesn't count. Hire a professional!