Achievable New Year's Resolutions

Written with love, by Kim Riegel

Happy 2015! Another year has come and gone. Now it's time for fresh starts and making resolutions for things to change in the new year. Whether it is that goal to lose 10 pounds, work out more, eat better, or not to get too stressed out when planning your wedding, this is that time of the year to set goal for yourself!

Setting a goal is wonderful. The problem is how many years go by and those goals are never achieved for one reason or the next. While the intentions are good, the actions may never properly follow through to fully achieve that goal. Maybe the goal is too broad, or too big, or the timeframe is too small, and what is needed to achieve the long-term goal is to set up small, achievable little goals! If you are getting married this year, maybe a goal you have set for yourself is to lose weight and tone up for the wedding. While that all sounds great, that is a broad goal. The best way to achieve a big goal is to achieve small ones along the way.

Broad Goals are A BIG No-No

Instead of wanting to lose weight and tone up, a specific goal would be to lose 10 pounds in six months and lift weights two times a week. Now you have something tangible to work with. In fact, you can even break it down more and set tiny goals such as losing 2 pounds a month and lifting weights eight days a month. Now you have set a very achievable, realistic small goal that could help you achieve the overall final resolution.

Hold Yourself Accountable

By holding yourself accountable and achieving small specific goals, this will show you are able to move on the path towards the big goal with the motivation to continue on.  You see that dress on the hanger and are motivated to look and feel your best on that wedding day. Make small achievable goals! The wedding day is the big goal, the final outcome where all of your hard work will pay off! Write your big resolution down. Track your small achievable goals. Make the small goals set in a reasonable time frame so when you achieve them you will feel motivated to continue on!

A lot of people fail on their quest to fulfill resolutions because they don't know how to realistically get there or just give up. People give up when they don't see results. Results are achieved by hard work and holding yourself accountable. You can achieve anything you set your mind to!

So go ahead and make that wedding day resolution for 2015! Set up your monthly goals. Track all of your hard work. Keep motivated and reward yourself for your monthly goals. Before you know it, you will be there.

Happy goal making!