What To Eat For Breakfast On Your Wedding Day

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Your big day is almost here and everything is ready. The vendors have been amazing, your wedding dress fits like a glove, and your stress has magically floated away.

So what's the one thing that could put a hiccup in this otherwise perfect vision? A bloated belly on the morning of your wedding.

But don't worry, I've got you covered!

Come on over to Mind Body Bride to learn the three ideal meals for your bridal brunch.

See you there!

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Would you diet before the wedding?

Written with love by Jennifer Dene

Would you diet before the wedding?

"Should I weigh myself everyday?"

"Should I stop eating carbs?"

"I'm thinking of ordering a smaller dress size, I think I can lose enough weight for it..."

These are some of the questions and comments that I receive when I tell people that I am a bridal health and fitness coach. In a nutshell my answer is "no", but there's more to it than that. 

Pop on over to Mind Body Bride where this week where I'm sharing the simple formula I use to help brides with weight loss, weight maintenance, and increased health and energy before the big day. 

Plus we talk about what dress size to order, the deal with a keto diet, and a better way to track weight loss than the scale. 

Come and have a read and be sure to say hello by leaving a comment!

With love,
   Jennifer Dene

12 Tips to Staying Healthy

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

12 tips for staying healthy

Is your social life preventing you from getting in shape for your wedding? 

Are you unmotivated to stick with your workout and nutrition routine after another long night out, or a weekend away?

Is the weekend your downfall, where you lose all self control about what to eat and drink, and end up feeling miserable on Monday?

It doesn't have to be that way! 

You can stick with your bridal health and fitness routine, get in amazing shape for the wedding day, and still enjoy regular celebrations — you just need to remember these 12 simple tips and tricks...

Join me on Mind Body Bride this week as I share the 12 habits that keep me feeling healthy, happy and enjoying each celebration to the fullest. 


With love,
     Jennifer Dene